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F You Up Like Fendi

Think you can defend me? You trippin; Come on I’d say that you right, but then we’d both be wrong Gotta end what you start, but you won’t like the ending I tag you up,
and bag you up,
and F you up like a Fendi   If someone Fs you up like Fendi, you gonna be [...]

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Construction Worker !

I’ll even hold one back just to settle the score, but they’ll still call them shits the Fantastic Four I got long arms like Reed Richards when I’m going in You’ll get scorched like the Torch You’ll get rocked like the Thing I don’t need a hundred workers I’m like 100 merkers Fifty shots from [...]

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9 to 5

See? I don’t even need a rhyme I only need one line But if I gotta do my time, then I’m gonna shoot nine times From your thighs to your eye line, cuz pussy bitches got nine lives Now I’m a lion... full time They call me 9 to 5 Cuz your best nine rhymes [...]

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