The past few years have been turbulent and eye opening for yours truly. After weathering a couple of the worst years of my existence, I rediscovered myself in 2016 and entered 2017 determined to structure my life around my true self.

Above all, I’ve come to realize that a quiet and peaceful existence is priceless. With this in mind, I met with my accountant and attorney to ponder my future activities. I informed them that I’d like to keep providing my insights on a wide range of topics, including technology, training, and nutrition. However, to eliminate the burden of feeling obligated, I told them that I plan to never charge for any of my various services (coaching, research, etc.) again… ever.

However, for my personal peace of mind, I also wish to eliminate any possible liabilities that might arise from donating those services to the public. After months of planning and reflection, mys future direction has crystalized.

As it pertains to research, that planning has led to the decision to stop providing specific recommendations, price targets, or even sentiment regarding securities. I will only continue publishing in public forums to enable my research partners to see what I’m working on, thus enabling more effective / efficient collaboration. In doing so, I’ll be writing on the Mark Gomes Stock Research blog.

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There are numerous reasons for this, so I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice it to say that Pipeline Data, LLC (which hasn’t collected any revenue dating back to at least 2015) will be officially wound down as an entity. This ball has actually been in motion for over a year. My accountant assures me that the process is all but complete. Accordingly, my activity on will cease. The site will remain up-and-running for a period of time, but eventually fade into the sunset.

This will allow me to share what I know, while simultaneously freeing myself to work, play, invest/trade, and live as I wish. No credit, no blame, no obligations, no kudos, and no risk of misrepresenting myself. Just good old fashioned “giving back”.

So, that’s it.

It feels like I should be saying goodbye, but in reality this is simply a long-overdue overhaul to how I conduct myself in the public eye. So, I guess I’ll sign off by simply saying, “see you on the Mark Gomes Stock Research blog”.


Mark G.


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