Before we get started, I know what y’all tryna figure…
Is this nigga a cracker or a light-skinned nigga?
I got half tan skin, but a big ass crown
Yo, I’m half and half
Black from the waist down

Unbeknownst to most, Money Mark’s family immigrated to Boston, Masschusetts from the Cape Verde Islands in 1969, one year before Mark’s birth.

Cape Verde is a 10-island nation just a few hundred miles off the coast of Dakar, Senegal.

The “waist down” joke is actually a very old one. This bar was tested before the battle and resonated with females, an underserved demographic that Money Mark wanted on his side. It worked. Females were clearly behind Money Mark.

The ladies even came to Mark’s defense during a live broadcast when B6 promoter Moses Washington roasted Mark, asking if he had a problem with being “black from the neck up”!

All that being said, the racy line has been known to spur controversy, most notably around the Irish MMA fighter, Conor McGregor.



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