And all them name flips
Wasn’t just for your health
It’s cuz this whole battle was to prove
You can’t make a name for yourself
So, one last time
just so it sticks
He always says bettaknowdat
because he doesn’t know shit!


Over the course of the battle, Money Mark successfully (and shockingly) exposed Brassy’s real name and many aliases. He also identified the numerous ethnic groups with which Brassy has aligned himself. Money’s closing lines serve as a victorious declaration — Brassy’s disingenuous nature has been exposed, dissected, and admonished.

Money ends his battle by using Brassy’s own medicine against him. He repeats the “bettaknowdat” bar one last time, but the audience approves. In fact, they join Money in finishing the line and erupt into cheer…

Money stares at Brassy as if to say, “You hit me with recycled bars, so I showed you how to do it right”.

Brassy is publicly shamed… a.k.a. BODIED.

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