So, let’s just stick with JBB,
cuz I’ve heard you rappin and you’re
Just a Brother Babbling
Just a Bitch that I’m Blasting
Man, I hope your bars tonight
 ain’t as bad as your last ones


Mark recommends calling Jeffrey Bernard Bennett “JBB” for short.

This is the set up for a couple of JBB-themed struggle bars. Then, Mark puts HallowTip on blast for his last battle (against Spazzinout), where Hallow used the term “weefee” instead of “WiFi” to make a bar rhyme.

That move backfired and came back to haunt HallowTip in this battle. Later, Mark admitted to appreciating the bar (because WiFi is called weefee in Europe), but defended his attack, “No matter what, “weefee” sounds stupid. Plus, this is America, so you know I had to roast him.”



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