Now your gvt name is Terrell Lenn Cooper
That’s TLC…
Remember them?
Well, I pop bitches with the mag
Mark Anthony Gomes. M-A-G
And if I pop you in your Left Eye
You’ll probably die
You’re just a Creep and a Scrub
Recyclin’ your old lines
Napoleon Bonaparte…
That shit wasn’t funny the first (or the second) time!


Money reveals Brassy’s real name. The strength of this move is most apparent to those who know Brassy, many of which have known him for years and didn’t know his real name.

Many in the crowd react… as does Brassy, who is visibly shocked by the revelation. Little does Brassy know, Money learned a lot more about him, but didn’t have enough time to do a complete dissection.

Money did however make time to flip Brassy’s initials against him, referencing the early-90s pop/R&B act, TLC. The trio remained inseparable until the untimely death of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes (whom Money Mark specifically references) in 2002.

“Creep” and “Scrub” were big hits for TLC. Money uses this to craft a rebuttal against his opponent’s habit of reusing his opening lines from one battle to the next (considered a foul, with the exception of opening slogans).

FYI, as discussed in the breakdown of his June battle against HallowTip, Money Mark likes to hide multiple levels of meaning deep in his verses. In this case, it surely went unnoticed that Lisa Lopes was of Cape Verdean descent… just like Money.

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