Cuz I’m Mark G,
 kinda like Mark Grist
When I spark these fuckin things
 at the end of my wrists
You’ll be a mark-ass bitch with a hole in his head
and yo, the crowd is markin’ out
 cuz I’m marking you DEAD


Money Mark agreed to go first. With this Mark-themed rhyme scheme, he limited HallowTip’s ability to make take shots at his name:

Mark Grist — an intellectual poet-turned-battler from the UK who became famous for his battle vs. Blizzard.

Mark-Ass Bitch — According to Urban Dictionary, this is the “worst type of bitch, one who is a “mark”, which means that he/she is a target that is very vulnerable to attack from others. Like a sitting duck. Calling someone this implies that you intend to murder them or do them harm in some way, or that you suspect someone else will, and that they deserve what’s coming to them.”

Marking Out — Typically a wrestling phrase, referring to those who get excited, despite knowing the show isn’t “real”. According to Urban Dictionary, marking out refers to “getting really excited for something beyond logic or reason.”

Marking You Dead — HallowTip was standing right there, but already dead in Money Mark’s eyes.



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