Money Mark actually made sure to kill HallowTip nine times in his round…


  1. When I spark these fuckin things at the end of my wrists
    You’ll be a mark-ass bitch with a hole in his head
    and yo, the crowd is markin’ out
cuz I’m marking you DEAD
  2. Lay you out on a gurney
    Take aim with my Mac
    and blast a hole in your back
    like a Jayson Tatum jersey
  3. without ten digits, you can’t call a doctor
    You’ll bleed out where I dropped ya
  4. Survivin ain’t a chance, it’s a miracle
    I’m drawing more blood, than a Red Cross vehicle
  5. But if I gotta do my time, then I’m gonna shoot nine times
    From your thighs to your eye line, cuz pussy bitches got nine lives
  6. I don’t need 100 workers
    I’m like 100 merkers
    Fifty shots from two Glocks…
    I’m a fuckin construction worker!
  7. Make sure nobody followed
    Drop your corpse in a pothole
    And drive off with your bitch in your pop’s El Dorado
  8. They’ll be mournin’ you, Jack
    You’ll see more guns clap
    But I cap you with one shot from Captain Morgan’s strap
  9. The chaplain reads you your rites
    Your head splits from the fight
    Two sides to your brain
    Your left and your right
    And there’s nothing right in your left brain
    And nothing left in your right!!!

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