I’m sorry bro, but I came to work
I punch your clock
 and block your punch
Bunch ya up in a box 
like Captain Crunch
Poured in a bowl or a hole, it won’t matter much
U gonna break fast
I’ll take your block before lunch


Money Mark finally gets to work and eats. This is his first hard-hitting scheme. Depicting the morning in the life of a hungry gangsta, it’s intricately laced with rhymes and alliteration.

Money Mark “punches HallowTip’s clock”, a reference to reporting into work. Before lunch, Money Mark handles HallowTip and “takes his block”, a reference to aggressive drug dealers who build their territory by taking over neighborhoods by force.

During the official post-battle review, Barology promoter Moses Washington hilariously threw shade, saying “Cap’n Crunch goes with milk, not punch”.



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