Money Mark’s Battle Terms – B7 Event – November 2018


Zoes – Strong / proud Haitians

Grill – Decorative dental braces

K – Short for an AK-47

AR – Assault Rifle

Bars – Lines of a song, rap, etc.

Book – The lineup card for a rap battle

Rounds – Like a boxing match, a battle rap consists of rounds, usually 1 or 3. Also, one bullet or shot from a gun is known as a round. Also, in battle rap, virtually anything round (for example, a wheel) can be referred to as a “round”.

Clip – A money holder. Also, a cartridge of bullets.

Rings or Bucks – The sound of guns firing

A flip – Making fun of someone’s name

Trix – The breakfast cereal

Chill Will – a.k.a. Will Chilino South Florida battle rapper

Deuce – usually a .22 caliber gun

Tre – usually a .38 caliber gun

Four – can be a .40 or .44 or .45 caliber gun

30 – (thirty or three-oh) When you win all three rounds of a battle

Brass – Bullet casings

Bettaknowdat – “Better Know That”… my opponent’s favorite catch phrase

Chief Pride – My opponent’s old musical group

Buck 50 – Cutting someone’s mouth in a way that leaves Joker-like scars

Roofies – Rohypnol, a.k.a. the date rape drug

Ra – The Egyptian sun god

Merc – A mercenary; also, “to kill”

Penny Hardaway – Former player on the Magic Heat and Orlando Magic

A bird – A gun… specifically, a Desert Eagle .50

Trap – a house from which drugs are sold

Fif – a.k.a. Anthony “Fif” Soares (friend of the musical artist, Drake) who was murdered last year

W – a Win

L – a Loss

FYI, all references to trays, plates, cooking or eating generally refer to roasting your opponent

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