So, I got the 30 and you got ate (8)
Put em together and you can act your age
Now if I act mine
Well you know where Fif be
So I’ll show you how it is
between 40 and 50


Brassy is 38 (coincidentally equaling the caliber of the popular firearm — a .38). This is yet another bit of information that Money reveals in his dissection of Brassy’s life.

However, Brassy isn’t the only old guy on stage. Money admits to being between 40 and 50 (he’s 47 at the time of the battle) and motions that he’ll “act his age” by putting Brassy’s skull between a .40 and a .50 caliber weapon.

The line about Fif refers to the friend of musical superstar, Drake, who was murdered last year by two armed gunmen (thus, Money’s use of two weapons on Brassy — yet another hidden meaning in Mark’s lines).

Also hidden in these bars is the virtually unknown fact that Money Mark’s middle name is the same as Fif’s real name — Anthony Soares.






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