They put you on this book
So I hit your spine right there
with two big rounds
Now your two big rounds
Be on the side of your chair
Your auntie be cryin
So I poke her eyes in
It’ll be blind leading the blind
When she pushing behind him
Think I’ll get your daughter too?
I could say that I’m not
But I’m never up front
So shorty can get shot


Pretty self-explanatory — and brutal — for anyone who understands the the terminology. It should be noted that Money Mark chose to “pick” on Brassy’s aunt, because it was her birthday message to him (on Facebook) that ultimately led to the discovery of his real name (something that even some of Brassy’s long-time friends didn’t know).

As for his daughter, Brassy and his aunt are already taking a ride (with Brassy’s wheelchair), his daughter might as well go along for the ride too… and “riding shot” (short for “shotgun”, which is the passenger seat) ensures that she’ll be right there with her dad.

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