Learn To Make Millions In The Stock Market

With over 30 years of professional experience, Mark Gomes is among the world’s most experienced small cap and technology stock analysts.

During his career, Gomes held a number of key positions within leading IT research and consulting organizations. He began his career at International Data Corporation where he led its buy-side investment research practice.

From 1998-2004, he served as the Director of Investment Research at AMR Research, a globally-recognized IT advisory firm which was later acquired by Gartner Group. There, he drove the business unit’s expansion into a multi-million dollar operation, guiding well-known Wall Street firms — including George Soros’ Soros Fund Management and Jim Cramer’s Cramer & Co. — through the Internet bubble and subsequent bust.

During his tenure at AMR, Gomes was widely quoted in industry outlets such as ComputerWorld, IT World and Information Age, due in part to his accurate calls at the Internet bubble top (in 2000) and bottom (in 2002). His service consequently doubled during the recession, attracting hundreds of Wall Street analysts and portfolio managers.

In 2004, Mr. Gomes founded Pipeline Data, LLC. Pipeline Data provided Information Technology consulting to an exclusive base of America’s largest and most prestigious mutual fund and hedge fund managers, including Jim Cramer’s Cramer Berkowitz and SAC Capital. There, he extended his reputation for calling key industry and company-specific inflection points (such as Aspen Technology at $0.70 for AMR in late 2002) by making Apple his first official pick at Pipeline Data (at a split-adjusted $0.65), in the early stages of its iPod-driven turnaround.

In 2008, Mr. Gomes retired and moved to Miami Beach shortly thereafter.

In 2009, he began donating his research to investors as a contributor on Seeking Alpha. There, he quickly built a retail following for his small cap picks and M&A calls. In fact, his first Seeking Alpha call culminated in a $5.75 private equity buyout of Lionbridge, 7x the price at which he recommended the stock.

Later, in 2013, he was publicly credited as the first analyst to confirm Himax’s role in Google Glass. The shares gained $500 million of market capitalization that day and ultimately rose more than 400%. CNBC named it “the most successful Technology stock of the year”. In aggregate, his articles on Seeking Alpha attracted over 1.6 million views and nearly 10,000 followers.

Gomes is also a rags-to-riches success whose story has captured the attention of over 50,000 investors from countries around the world. Starting with a $2,000 credit card loan, Mr. Gomes amassed a multi-million dollar fortune by averaging over 40% annually until his retirement at age 38.

He credits his Wall Street mentors for providing the secrets that saved him from his losing ways. In honor of his mentors’ teachings, Gomes now donates time to teach his lessons to the general public. believes that anyone can achieve success by opening their minds to learning the lessons with a laser-sharp focus on mastering one’s craft.

He also volunteers as a Track & Field coach to Olympic athletes, Olympic hopefuls, high school students, and the broader Miami Beach community.

His lessons & stock selections can be found on Mark’s Research Blog, as well as his YouTube channel.