Over the past couple of days, I’ve poured through the various reports, articles, and social media regarding the Wilder / Breazeale incident. My obsession stems from the fact that this was my first Heavyweight Championship fight. I was at the arena and the hotel when everything happened, so I’m fascinated by how the media and public has reacted.

As a long-time Wall Street analyst, the whole thing mirrors what I see in the stock market every day. People are fed a lot of conflicting information, which is a shame. But it’s also a shame that the people take this information and simply believe what they want to believe (instead of investigating the facts to find the truth).

It’s a shame because I know that investigating the facts is the only way to learn the truth.

This is how I made my millions.

In this case, the facts are coming to us. Video and eyewitness evidence has been pouring unto the Internet. That evidence confirms what I wrote on Monday morning. Breazeale appears to have been the perpetrator. As a result, the public is turning against him.

Specifically, the video evidence shows that Breazeale’s statement was a complete fabrication.

First of all, Breazeale’s wife was there but was not attacked (or even spoken to). She was just a bystander. In one video, I’m even standing right next to her (but didn’t realize it). Most importantly, Breazeale’s kids can’t even be found in any of the videos (thank God).

The report of Wilder’s “20-man mob” is also false. In the various videos, you can see that there are only about 22 people there when the argument starts and most of them people are onlookers (I’m one of them).

The only people really involved were a few of Wilder’s guys (including his brother in the white long-sleeve) and a few of Breazeale’s guys.

I’ve looked at a ton of footage to figure out who is who. In the freeze frame below, I placed orange dots on Breazeale’s guys, blue dots on Wilder’s guys, and white dots on everyone else. Feel free to double-check my work and let me know if you see any mistakes.

You can find this video on YouTube by clicking here.

If you look carefully from the beginning, you can see that Wilder and Breazeale are beefing face-to-face, but there’s no physical contact until Wilder gets grabbed at the 32-second mark — you can hear him say “don’t touch me”.

At the 47-second mark, you can see a hand come from behind Wilder and pull him back, just as I described in my last article.
A second later, you can see an overhand punch come from Breazeale’s side toward where Wilder is being held. Notice that almost nobody jumps in (like I said, most of us were onlookers). At this point, more people have now gathered, but these are all onlookers too (including a couple of Tony Harrison’s people).

At the 1:12 mark, you can see Breazeale punch Marsellos Wilder for no apparent reason (you can also see it at the 1:02 mark of another YouTube video). Again, nobody jumps on Breazeale. Actually, it’s the opposite — Marsellos recovers from the blow and heads toward Breazeale, but is blocked by a couple of guys.

In fact, the more I look, the more it appears that Breazeale had the bigger crew. Remember, it was Breazeale who was waiting for Wilder at the hotel. It’s also clear that Breazeale’s crew grabbed Wilder first and very clear that Breazeale threw the first punch.

The reason remains a mystery, but there might be clues from Wilder’s press conference which you can see by clicking here. At the 8:00 mark, Wilder says he wants Parker next and pushes the concept of a four-fighter playoff to unify the division.

This is interesting to me because many people on the Internet have been said that Wilder has been ducking top fighters. As a business man, it appears to me that Wilder’s handlers have just managed his career for maximum earnings. You can call that cowardice, but I call it smart. When choosing between what you want versus what your family needs, the coward is the one who choose what he wants.

Indeed, a unification “playoff” will represent the biggest payday possible for all fighters involved, win or lose.

Getting back to Breazeale, Wilder is questioned and talks about him at the 14:00 and 15:00 mark. Wilder seems dismissive of Breazeale and makes it clear that he isn’t interested in meeting Breazeale in the ring.

Conclusions: A lot of facts have been presented here, but we still can’t know how it all started and why it happened. However, we do know that Breazeale lied about what happened at the hotel and got a lot of attention for it, mainly because he was the first person to make a statement (which the public accepted as fact without investigating it).

This is just my opinion, but I think Breazeale saw the writing on the wall and instigated this mess to provoke Wilder into fighting him instead of Parker.

Either way, my continuing investigation only adds to the lesson I presented in my first article — whether we’re talking about sports, stocks, or anything else, the truth can be warped to make you believe anything people want you to believe. Unless you want to be a victim of lies, you have to seek proof of the truth.

I know that can be difficult. If you full-time job and a family, there’s no time to verify everything you hear. But that’s exactly why you can be deceived. So, if this is the case, at least be careful about who you trust. Be sure to select folks who present the facts and aren’t afraid to back them up.

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