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Nothing Left In Your Right !

I’ll be cappin with lefts The Captain reads me my rights The chaplain reads you your rites Your head splits from the fight Two sides to your brain Your left and your right And there’s nothing right in your left brain And nothing left in your right!!!   It's the big finale. Money Mark has [...]

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Your Pop’s El Dorado

Make sure nobody followed Drop your corpse in a pothole And drive off with your bitch in your pop’s El Dorado   This one is self-explanatory, but the delivery got the crowd mad hype. Tight whip too.                 back

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Nine Times

Money Mark actually made sure to kill HallowTip nine times in his round...   When I spark these fuckin things at the end of my wrists You’ll be a mark-ass bitch with a hole in his head and yo, the crowd is markin' out
cuz I’m marking you DEAD Lay you out on a gurney Take [...]

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