The much-anticipated rap battle between Money Mark and Everso Brassy has finally been released on YouTube!

FYI, to better understand / appreciating Money Mark’s lines, you can find a glossary of battle terms he used here.

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So, this is Everso Brass
Bro, you never look classy

What are you?
A Rastafarian Hispanic standin’ 5 foot 2?
Callin out Zoes with highlights, a grill
and Egyptian tattoos?

I thought I had identity issues

You wanna talk about it?
We can do some psychological jujitsu
That means I get in your head
and hand you some tissue

Man, fuck you!

Yeah, I said fuck you and that’s a fact
Beat the F out of U and see how you act
And if you don’t like my style of psychology
I say FU, see Ks and here’s my apology

You know, I went to Europe by myself
Cuz I heard there’s Spanish in his game
And when I’m right in Barcelona
I’m always into Spain

But I don’t think you heard me right…
I said, when I’m writin’ bars alone
I always induce pain

They put you on this book
So I hit your spine right there
with two big rounds
Now your two big rounds
Be on the side of your chair
Your auntie be cryin
So I poke her eyes in
It’ll be blind leading the blind
When she pushing behind him

Think I’ll get your daughter too?
I could say that I’m not
But I’m never up front
So shorty can get shot

Clean out her memory bank
with just one round
And if I check your balance
Bet you both fall down
Money with the clips
When it’s all done and said
Two rings cost you an arm and a leg

Now your gvt name is Terrell Lenn Cooper
That’s TLC…
Remember them?
Well, I pop bitches with the mag
Mark Anthony Gomes. M-A-G
And if I pop you in your Left Eye
You’ll probably die
You’re just a Creep and a Scrub
Recyclin’ your old lines

Napoleon Bonaparte…
That shit wasn’t funny the first (or the second) time!

Mark my words
You’ll see de-feet when this drops
Try to walk in Mark’s shoes
Til your fuckin flip flops

So I hope you got some new material
Up in your head
Cuz if Mariotti was this Mark
You’d already be dead

Besides, with a name like Brass Monkey
You must be turning tricks (Trix)…
Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks



On Twitter, Brass is MonkieIllWill
Sound like Brassy wanna fuck Chill Will

This cat comes across
like a gangsta who’s cool
But you’re really a pussy
who went to a private school

Didn’t you Brassy? Tell ‘em. It’s true.

MAST Academy —
a school of science and math
So, let’s look into the science of Brass…

Now whether u shoot
a deuce, the tre, or a four
You can count on Brass
to end up on the floor

You see Brass is really soft
a mixture of copper and zinc
Copper’s for pennies
and zinc’s for when you get sick
So if you think about it
you’ll know what makes brass tick
And why he never makes sense (cents)
or gets ill when he spits

But since your music shit failed
Maybe TV get you rich
A new Kardashian show
A bunch of hoes
and an old man who turned into a bitch

I’ve said it before
but just so it sticks
He always says bettaknowdat
because he don’t know shit

Chief Pride
Another ethically insensitive lie
Well, in the end (Indian)
None of you idiots got signed

And that’s what you get
for your ignorant habits
Needed gas to blow up
But you hoes (hose) didn’t have it
The only thing you fittin to blow
are those faggots
Maybe that’s why you stay comfortable
in the lower brackets

So your bitch?
I’ll get after her
after this massacre
Drag your cadaver
and have a gang bangin her
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
(to the audience…)
Put your rags in the hamper
Back where the condoms at
A buck 50 to clean her out
Welcome to the laundromat!

But I ain’t done with that bitch yet…

I’ll house her top to bottom
Use that ho for a payment
Give her roofies in the attic
and then sell her (cellar) in the basement

So fuck you
and your Egyptian tattoos
Cuz if you’re Ra, you’re my son
And it couldn’t be clearer
You’ll have an AR at your back
When you look in the mirror

Pull them locks outta Brass
When I’m ready to merc
Looks like I’m cutting the grass
and the mower won’t work!



And as I reflect on this book right
And as I reflect on this book right
And as I reflect on this book right
Phyche! I ain’t choking… I just wanted you to reflect on what it looks like

And your name flips suck
So Mark Gomes don’t stress
Cuz when I GO
I only need one round to make a MES
And Cooper? He only got two rounds in his game
That’s because Terrell Lenn was born to have a string of L’s to his name

Fuck outta here

Now, this battle’s over, so lemme tell y’all a story…

You see, it took a while for me to comprehend
But guns are considered safer than women among smarter men
I learned this the hard way
I was having a hard day
So I called ur bitch for some magic heat…
“Penny Hardaway” (former Miami Heat / Orlando Magic star)
She said she a virgin
And I should pop her cherry
But the shit made a mess
and that coochie was hairy
I put both fists in that pussy
But got stuck when I pushed
And I said damn
a bird in the hand
really is better than two in the bush

You shouldn’t have underestimated me Brassy…

Cuz I fuck around while cruising
Bust into the trap your crew’s in
Trap you in and bust you up
Like, “pardon the intrusion”
drop all you bitches off the roof and
tell the prosecution
I didn’t push Brassy
That bitch jumped to conclusions

Then I’ll smoke your little kids like them babysitters been
Looks like she was fathered by you and Harley Quinn
Either way, I’ll make sure you’re the one they’ll finger
Buck .50 put the smoke in your mouth
Now that’s a dead ringer

You see, I’m like the Joker
And you’re just my son
Give you a buck fifty down low
Call me the Jugular now

You’ll be scarred so hard
you won’t wanna be seen with it
My bars so hard
I made a whole other scheme with it

So now you’re the Joker
Who think he got verse
Well I got a bat, man
That’s doin’ you worse
Bad luck when the .50 buck
put u in a hearse
Shut your mouth for good
That’s a buck fifty in reverse!

So now I’ll spell it out bluntly
Since you don’t know what you are
I smoked a J, OK and put you in the ER

Put this joker in a basket
When the shooting stops
Brass neckless (necklace) in the casket
That’s a jewelry box

So, I got the 30 and you got ate (8)
Put em together and you can act your age
Now if I act mine
Well you know where Fif be
So I’ll show you how it is
between 40 and 50

And all them name flips
Wasn’t just for your health
It’s cuz this whole battle was to prove
You can’t make a name for yourself

So, one last time
just so it sticks
He always says bettaknowdat
because he doesn’t know shit!

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