(Time is estimated & excludes crowd reactions / runbacks)


I was at your last battle
At this stage, I was around the way,
paying for cookies
at the concession stand…

while you were on stage
giving rounds away…
And don’t think Imma let that concession stand

And all this happened in front of your sister, Cheyenne
Nice Catholic girl, Sang in a choir, 29, Cute too
But she was talkin like you was gonna fuck me up,
until you couldn’t bear a tone
then she was singing a different tune
It ruined the mood

Note: Cheyenne isn’t Catholic, but I took artistic liberty to create alliteration with the words “Catholic”, “Choir”, and “Cute”

I mean, it was really absurd…
cuz she still had her wind (win)
and you were at a loss for words

See, he ain’t cut from the right cloth
So I ain’t gonna sugarcoat what been inferred (fur)
cuz every time he get distressed,
we get holes in his material…

And that’s a Yeezy shirt

But that ain’t me
I came to fight
So before casting stones
like the long shot’ll get drug
by the highest
Imma sling rock and crack heads
David & Goliath

Don’t try it — I’m pissed
Shake & Jay chased me for a year to do this
But once we lined it up, you ducked
Like I ain’t a boss in this shit
I got them to finger you out
and make you come like a bitch…

…and since you wanna duck the merc
you can get this work like Schindler’s List

And I’m the best
Perfected and settin’ the pace
Yeah, you start out fire
But problem you face
You run out of gas
The juice (Jews) escape(s)

Meanwhile, I’m the one known

Embrace the killer
I’m in his camp, concentrating
I got this sinner
.38s, .45s…
Armed with all numbers
Auschwitz Prisoners

The mission is simple
But what he brews could make me prey in the temple (Hebrews / pray / temple)
It’s stressful
But I’m on a different level
And since you don’t go for the gold/goal, here’s the silver metal

So let’s get in his head
and see what’s offered
Cuz tonight?
It’s Money Mark… vs. Adrian Crawford!

Adolph Jr…
Punch City…
That sounds hard as shit
But your real name explains that your identity is ROCKY BITCH

Stop your shit
Shake and Jay King got their wish
But I press A with 2K (NBA2K)
and watch the switch
Watch him… Twitch

Yeah, y’all gonna see how I got this rich,
when I raise the stock then drop this bitch

So bark and it’s trouble
Y’all remember Harden in the bubble?
Yeah, y’all gonna hear a Rocket swish

I got this snitch…
Tied/Tide and washed in a dark room hidden
Where I cut deep and pour cold water on a body (or party?)
It’s given

And whether I said “party” or “body”
a part a ya body is missin’
And when the gas kick in?
Well, that’a just put you in hot water
when I force it (faucet)
Let that sink in

I’m thinking…
This musta been God’s plan
Cuz you battled a Queen
but lost to a Jitt (Redd)
then things went dark (Darqman)
You was ducking a fan

And why?
Cuz I found out about your fam?
Tiffany, Kimberly, ChePierre
Adrian, Alex, and Cheyenne?

Or cuz I found out what you did…
when they dedicated a plaque…
to the memory of you dad?

That’s right…
Master Sergeant ADOLPH Crawford
Do you remember what you were doing?
You turned your back to your fam
and I got the pictures to prove it
Looked like the Last Supper
Would your Black Messiah approve of it?
Either way, it’s crazy how you dishonored ADOLPH by looking like a Judas (Jew does)

And then you took his name
And fucked it up
In general, that made ya weak
You capped n couldn’t toughen up
Wait… Captain, Major, General?
That’s how Hitler came up…
And history reveals itself…
Cuz you both took the 50 (me) with a bald head… and killed yourself

But I paid for the funeral
Reverend was beautiful
Words deep
Y’all wanna know how much it cost?
Fuck do I care?

So gimme your punches
the impersonal type
You can’t 30 someone
who can 30 your life

Time Bitch (3:10)


We got Adolph Jr. from CPG… versus
pick a hand, any hand

Now if you make the right decision
Then we can have a successful event
Shout out to El Nugget
for helping us out with the venue
Shake, Jay King, and Juju
For taking care of the rent
To all the sponsors and the investors
I’m not gone lie… this shit is live
and if you keeping my vibe
Imma make sure your money’s well spent
But on the other hand
This shit could go left quick

Do you copy Gomes
They done put you in the tanning booth
Watch your tone

I’m about to wash this fool
Hold up
Tell your dumb bitch
I ain’t talkin bout my dick
When I say I cock the tool

He get all in his feeling like,
“She ain’t no dumb bitch”
You right
So I knot the fool
But as soon as she get grumpy? Crack ‘er
Like Ebenezer Scrooge

These ain’t the types of games you wanna play
You really about to die man / diamond
And we can watch your team
put a tarp over this nigga
It’s a rain delay

The glock stuffed and came with a crazy ray
And you know how you be about to get off work and start to watch the clock?
This about to be the longest ten minutes of your day

Word to Brass Monk
I’m about to rip every bone apart
So tell your team get ready, get set
Cuz I’m on ya Mark

You just a bitch, disguised as a man
Joan of Arc
You really about to die in this ring
So fight back
or just pay me what you owe in heart

And I bet he fall
I came in this bitch
With a couple of ninas
And a couple random broads
That’s four bitches ready to steel Money
If I set it off

I’m about to kill an old new nigga
Big blade
One slice from the bottlm
And it’s off with his legs
Another slice from the top
Then it’s off with his head
Then I take a few slices from the middle
Like a new loaf of ______

You’s a clown

We only started fuckin wid you cuz you chauffeuring Rollo, Mike Mike, and Common around
So it’s only right that we’re here
with Rollo, Mike Mike, and Common in the round
But this a dice game
I’m about to step on Money
And if Mike Mike roll low
I’m giving Common a round

All you be doing is talking loud
But that’s a Facebook violation
Nigga calm it down (comment down??)

Y’all really think I give a fuck
about what this bitch says
Go ahead, take your shots
All them shits easy to block
You dickhead

I’m about to start bombing on him
Just got the brand new rifle from WalMart
Rollback prices
You know I caught the bargain on it
Supa Mega hit my line like
“Aye guy, who you got next?”
Imma call Sturdy up and we squading on him
I told Supa, Mark it
Then put the Target on him

It’s really “fuck what I heard him say”
I got a beam and an Eagle
And if I pair it / parrot
You gonna do whatever what this bird say

Yeah, my pops and my siblings
Was both in the military
So this only gonna go one way
My mama had three boys
She say I was born on a Sabbath
Yeah… and today is her son day

My life is like Rick Ross
I grew up around gun play
And what you gonna say?
That I ain’t got no gun charges
OK, that’s a fact
But you know how you plug your iphone up to your laptop?
I’m about to catch a charge with the Mac

I’m really in the field trippin
What you thought…
I wasn’t gonna come up and do me nigga?
Shit, you’s a meal ticket
and I’m still/steel grippin
I hold the Hawk with a single hand
I’m Shaquille Griffin

Nigga I’m too frightening
I don’t care who likes me
He try to run and gone get his back in blood
Pooh Shiesty

Imma fight and imma fight some more
Whoever said you can’t win a fight with just punches
Never been in a fight before



12 solo battles
You choked or stole in all but three
And your last 3-round win? 2 years ago…
You ain’t been sick since COVID-19

I’ve seen the movies… it ain’t rumors
Throw Dolph in with sharks
he finna tank and get chewed up
Jitt and Losh washed C World / SeaWorld
He got drained to the sewers
They honestly fed
Think Dawn of the Dead
They ate off Junior…

So seasoned or not
I’m still assaultin’ ya
Money accostin’ ya
Angle this square in a round
like a Swastika

Rockin’ ya, with wild hitters
5 to the chest — Heil Hitler

Fuck you and Skyy High
I got a gang of Haitians
That draw on big guys (big eyes)

So get it on tape
the only solution
Cuz Imma go ape
Reverse evolution
and if I don’t eat, the maggots will
Kill this German (germ in) pussy…

Got your mama wonderin’
where her angel’s at
A, catch a round
Angels cap

You little girl
I should bitch slap you
Put you to sleep
Kid-nap you

Then kidnap your bitch
Now the whore’s in the trunk
No really… I own a Ferrari
The horse on/in the trunk

And after Junior get the mil (meal)
He deserted on the ground…

And the beam on A (Bee Monet)
It’s a sweet round
while they hold him down

Cook your noodle
cuz you’re an imposter
Shoulda been Wilder with the Fury
But the apathy got cha
Now AJ knocked
Anthony Joshua

I got ya
I’m mean
and since he (Cincy)
insist he a cat on the scene
he can catch these bullets
cuz AJ Green

Let 8 off on Tech
for tryin my game
8 off on Legend
Had to tighten my aim
Empty the clip
But Adolph no safer…

I mean, how could you (Jew) forget about the one in the chamber?

You in danger

Yeah CPG’s
lookin’ RIP
They needed Money on this card
Cuz they sick of your lies
So they got me here
to deliver straight lines…

…on your EKG

Now your government name?
Is Adrian K. Crawford
That’s right… AKC
Middle name? Kilpatrick
Now it’s out in the field
and you feelin’ the tactics
No option to run it back
It’s you that I’m sackin…

So, you won’t see AKC quarter “BAK”
(a KC quarterback) once my homes (Mahomes) kill Patrick

I’m back at it
That was a mean one
Krown Holder, wanna blow him away?
Hurry Cane cuz I’m near him
Off C
When the rounds blew
I have the Storm that he’s feelin…

Off sea? Wind? The rounds blew?
Eye of the storm? Do you feel it?

That means when I drew (Drew)
it was a breeze (Brees) to tear a dome…
Hurricane Katrina

Now, I said Hurricane Katrina
So let’s cut off his femur / FEMA
Make it harder to watch
Bobbie’s boy… soft
Ain’t endure (in door) no hard knocks

When you was 8, I was 16
You ate from a lunch box
I was great wid da 16
and already had ate (8)…
in the glove box

I dreamed of drop tops
Lambos and Maybachs
I loved stocks
Either type
Cuz both are good for the payback

So don’t say jack
if I kill Patrick
and I’ll will a fortune to y’all
(Pat Sajak – Wheel of Fortune)
For tryna push me
I’m showing you’re/your pussy
for the fans only (Only Fans)
Tiffany Doll

Said you was Mike Vick
You must be crazy
You went to Tampa
and made ‘em look great
You’re Tom Brady

You went to their town
Under ball conditions
And got carted home
In the wrong condition
You’re not driven

First time I saw you, you choked
Last time? Same shit
This how he re-act
You choked verse Jason
Then it got Darker than that
I said Mahommes, Brees, Brady
There’s a reason for that
Cuz without your offensive lines
you couldn’t set the block (7Block) straight…

…and that’s how you end in a sack

So gimme your punches
the impersonal type
You can’t 30 someone
who can 30 your life

Time Bitch (3:30)


This battle does nothing for me
And after that round, it’s clear
You ain’t got nothing for me
You fuckin bore me
When I say Imma take your bitch soul
to a place it’s never been
It ain’t purgatory
I’m talkin about droppin’ dick in her
as soon as she walk in…
She fuckin adores me

Let’s switch up the story
Cuz if this is your great white hope
Then all of your hope is gone
You were at the face off
preppin people up to rally with you
But you was doin it all wrong
In order to beat me
You’re gonna need unlimited ammo
and one of those dragons
off the Game of Thrones
U got all these people here to cheer against me
Well, bring it on

Pistol drawn
I’m about to make a hit with the baby
I’m really finna whip this cracker
Reverse slavery

It’s no savin’ him
I don’t care who you went to for help
You wanted a shark? Well you got one
And now you gotta fend/fin for yourself

You better swim for some help
Cuz all my screws is loose
All these niggas is sweeter than a big ass bag of coont noot
Talkin all Adolph do is punch
I shoot too

But the real talk gonna be about how dis connect
And why you’re less (wireless) of an opponent

I click and blast
I’m about to do you ugly Mark
Like when you pick a scab
Two 44s on either side
Like a city cab
I’m way too nice with these words
Dwayne Wade on Christmas
I have the gift of gab (to gift a Gab)

But let me switch the topic
Cuz you went around diggin up dirt on me
Askin niggas all these questions
Imma need for you to do way better
This nigga say he was getting “advice”
From Mike Mike, Rollo, Common, T Hurst, Chill, Brass
I mean, did you at least pay these boys some cheddar
I had this nigga going around questioning more men than the Salamander letter

I’m a tyrant
I’ll grab your bitch by the head
squeeze her nose
open her mouth
and put my dick inside it
Tell her, “it’s like the Queen (Queen Bee) sneaking to have sex”…
Bee fuckin’ quiet

I don’t even want your pussy
I’m just tryna get a little head, baby
like a Zika virus

And I was gonna let my whole team fuck your whore slow
But these niggas just want top
Like a drawer of clothes
I mean, she did let a couple nigga fuck
That’s just how them hoes go
But you know the mask got head…
Like Lee Corso

I fuckin mean it
All I do is do is fuckin punch
I’m so conceited
You remember that one wish Ray Jay was talkin’ bout?
You gone need it

I’m about to line this kid
You can try to front
Like I’m not like my rhymes say I is
But it’s like setting your clock ten minutes ahead
Cuz you really know what time it is




I was born on diseased corners
Even my street was named Corona…
and still they think you iller than me

But you came up at Southridge
near Miami Zoo
That ain’t no Carol City scene…
Just a bunch of cheetahs, lyin (lion) catabolic
Think Joe Exotic…
Cuz now Carol baskin’ (Carol Baskin) in the glow of you getting bars for the pussies you breed

I mean, it’s obscene
You had a God living in garbage
His baby mama on Rah
and a legend who’s only a legend for forgetting his unforgettable bars
It’s odd…

Cuz how you do Legendary?
That boy will never pop off
When y’all were on the roof?
You shoulda taken him to the LEDGE AND DARE HE (Legendary) jump off

And as for God?
Well, it’s very understood
that u was driving him to his job
then his BM
then back to the hood
But I get it… God… Junior…
You were playing Jesus Behind The Wheel… Carrie Underwood

But he’s dealing with a monster now
So Junior better be good
Toy with me, and you’ll get taken to a Quiet Place
and get carried under wood

And I wish you would

Cuz you got fake millies and punches
I make millies in bunches
The grind’s different

I take six zeroes home
You take six “zeroes” home
The drive’s different

And you choke and steal bars
Is that cool with you?
Does the bar count count
if the bar ain’t you?
6… 8… (counting bars on hand)
you been chirpin’ dude
But that didn’t fly with Byrd
cuz you been singing off Tune (Tune 6’8”)

…and Dude

That’ll undo ya
Cuz your name PAW and JUNIOR
So despite the mass debate (masterbate)
it won’t take luck or help
cuz your names imply
that you’re inclined

On camera…

Just like you did in Tampa.

So don’t slip,
like you did with Jitt that night
or the 9 and 11 are gonna take flight
to wreck all you’re building
The same way that twin fire made you collapse in plane sight

That’s right

We thought you was the foundation
Sharp as steel n fire
Til we found out you were buildin’ stories by stealin’ fire

It’s dire

Against La G?
I was on the live that day
You talked about takin it a step farther
And by your logic (biologic), that was ok

But that was an NWX verse
You just read it in re-verse
and hey
that’s low (halo) way to prey (pray)
So, head shot
for playing gods off top
Let’s see if that Shine is in his DNA

And aye…

For fuckin’ with QP
I should smoke you with the pound
For a-dressing us with that gay shit
just to drag Queen down

Thought you was flossing
droppin a band in that shit
Bitch, I’m Money Mark
I’ll buy your whole league and get you banned from this shit !

I will land with a clip
Like my father has done
Cuz by your logic
I can plan it and leave Earth
and send you Farther, like sun

So how you the bad man / Batman of DC
when you been robbin’ in the spotlight?
You not bright
Cuz punches do lose…
To dudes who move the Glock right
And I palm tight
So if this joker think he can burn money
Then it’s gonna be a Dark Knight

Yeah, you come off ultra violent (ultraviolet) all right
but you been RAPING the culture
with the bars that you swipe
so think CSI at the crime scene at night
cuz how your bulb functions
expose the fuck shit
that’s not evident at first sight…

…which puts the claim that you black in a whole other light

So when we fight?
I beat him Larry Bird…
with the left hand only

…and make this dick a vegetable
Eggplant emoji 🍆

Then shoot him in da chest…
Nah son
It don’t SUIT your mama to see you in a casket…
so imma make it a closed/clothes one

I’m cold one… so I arc’d it (Arctic) right
You get the TEC
cuz that’s what you like
Tech get the rope
For saying I’m white
Thought what he saw (Esau) is real light (Israelite)…
‘Til I tied the knot…
I now pronounce you man and wife

That’s life…
and in mine, I been around the world and brought fame home
You went to Tampa and came back like, “I can’t travel to work. I’ll just stay home.”

So stay home
Quarantine in silence
Cuz I hold the 9
it’s known for violence
Flew (flu) through the air
and expose your chinks

Don’t try this
Cuz I can put the 4 close to your mouth…
or buy out your mortgage
and foreclose on your house

Yeah, you in the jungle now
I got these lines (lions) for you [messed this line up, then ran it back]
and they all talkin’,
“He need a wild excuse”
Cuz Mark’s (marks) all over Junior…
It’s child abuse

Got you swinging from a tree and that’s where I leave (leaf) ya
I guess Mama didn’t teach you about the root of all evil

But nah…
Thinking back on all the shit I did?
It’s clear that Money’s not the root of all evil…

[Reveals a big check to Adolph’s charity]

But your presence (presents) put money on this card
so you have my respect
He should feel like a big exec…
and THAT’s how you catch a mark…

[pocket checks Adolph]

You just got the biggest check

So give me your punches
The impersonal type
You can’t 30 someone
Who can 30 your life

Time Bitch (4:00)


I don’t tolerate disrespect
It’s like breakfast time
whenever I throw up the set
Cuz first I hop
then these hands (hams?) connect
And your bae can get stripped for all that yappin
Imma let my paws run I train
My homies say you wanna crack one of her eggs
and imma let / omelette her have it

All you niggas fuckin suck
And ever since yall went to Mark’s fun house
Y’all been up his butt
Enough’s enough
Stop acting like a bitch
Get your stuff
Tighten up
Toughen up
Every time I see him, y’all a couple steps behind
Like a runner up

You fuckin ducks
The only thing you gotta do not to be broke in life?
Get your money up

I went on for my team
We came up trapping
I had bags of white and bags of green
I was in the streets and in the office
Cuz I had to keep my record clean
They told me white people can’t jump
Have you ever seen a fiend?

OK, what I really mean
is I hustled da white then teamed up with it
I’m Sidney Dean

Grip a thing
Cuz I split a nigga on a permanent vacation
if you wanna trip
Jody mama on Baby Boy
I’m about to get it fuckin jumping with this bitch

And if anybody behind you try to play me wrong
Then it’s the Beyoncé hit
I got a big ego

He know
But this ain’t even about me
Cuz you was with talkin shit about my brethren
So I think it’s only right that you have a talk with…

[Dennis Legendary jumps in]

Main Stage Legend
Main Stage Legend
Main Stage Legend
Main Stage Legend
Main Stage Legend

Fuck how he feel
Cuz I’m dream chasing
I give him a nigga that Meek feel
One shot to his man
Imma show him how Lil Snoop feel

Free the slaves off the Matrix
I am the one… 2 PILs

Adolph told me you had the jewels / Jews
Now it’s time for me to mark the treasure
You was online sayin all that jazz
But now it’s time for me to silence the heckler

[loses his place]

Imma fight and imma fight some more
Whoever said you can’t win a fight with just punches
Never been in a fight before

(Adolph 1:30)

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