The much-anticipated rap battle between Money Mark and Chill Will has finally been released on YouTube!

Please check it out, Like/comment, and spread the word. As usual, I’ve published a glossary of some battle terms I used, along with my “script/lyrics” (below). Just be warned… battle rap is an uncensored art where worse is better. It’s not for the faint of heart!

If you can handle that, I HIGHLY recommend that you read the glossary and watch the battle BEFORE reading the lyrics (otherwise, it’ll spoil much of the surprise of watching the video!). If you don’t understand any lines, come back afterward. I even provide links to explain the hidden meanings.

If you’re new to battle rap, doing it that way will help you to gain a full appreciation for the art!

Last but not least, don’t forget to salute Chill Will. He’s a respected friend whom I hold in high regard. Battle Rap is an intense/competitive “sport”, but combatants are conditioned to accept (and hopefully respect) each other’s skills. If you vibed with his talent, be sure to check out his battles against Kutta, Montega Byrd, and Black Boi Stef.

Many thanks for your love & support!



W — Win
L — Loss
30 — When the final score of a three-round battle is 3-0

Kutta / Rah / Byrd — Former opponents of Chill Will

Radio — Co-owner of the Bomb First Battle League, host of this event

Bars — Lines of a song, poem, battle, etc.

Black (to “black”) — To black out (and presumably do bad things)

Body — A dead body; Also, a verb meaning “to kill someone”

Brains / Top — A blow job

Prodigy — Deceased member of the band “Mobb Deep” (suffocated on a hard-boiled egg while hospitalized for sickle-cell anemia)

“Side” guy/girl — Guy or girl someone is having an affair with

Slinging keys — Selling kilos of cocaine

Stuart Scott — Famous sports broadcaster; Known for his catch phrases, like calling good players “cooler than the other side of the pillow”; Died of cancer in 2015

T-Mac — Tracy McGrady, Hall of Fame NBA basketball player

Gun References
Steel, pipe, bitch — All references to a gun (can also be used as a verb meaning “to shoot”)
Can — Short for “cannon” (a.k.a. big gun)
Baby — A small gun
3/4/5/10/12/32/etc. — Virtually any number is a gun reference (caliber/gauge of ammunition)
Pill “PL” — a brand of Russian pistol
Hawk — A brand of guns; also the mascot of the Atlanta pro basketball team
Ratchet — Yet another word for a gun! Also a slutty girl (from the word “wretched”)
Spark or Clap — To shoot
Strapped — To be armed with a gun


Spoiler Alert….

MY LYRICS (a.k.a “Bars”)


I got a DNA test
The results were no surprise
Part African; Part white
But crossing my breed is suicide
Being white-skinned makes me lethal
Y’all wanna know why?
So let’s ride…

It’s Round One… The King Is Dead!!

You been actin like a king
or Caesar
But the throne sits here
So lemme seize a (Caesar) blade
and get you a Will Chair / wheelchair
I’m assaulting (a sultan) you, kid (or “your kid”, a.k.a. heir)
With these arms that I bear/bare
but there won’t be no PRINTS/PRINCE
When let it fly in your AIR/EAR/HEIR

And if I seize ur palace,
we gonna see who your pal is
You gettin chopped for the green…

For the chicken, it’s a wrap when I’m rollin Caesar
I plan it and go ape – I’m going Caesar
Kidnap your bitch — seize her
Make the miss fire in your brain
You go into seizure
You know, cuz a misfire in the brain is a…

See (“C” – short for Chill)
you need to cease the way you reach & posture
Keep speakin like you sling keys
and I’ll see that you need them to speak
like Steven Hawking

When you’re off the screen we see you talkin
You seem to believe you eatin often
But you’re really bulimic and eatin vegan
Cuz when it’s time for beef, we don’t see you jawwing

You skinny motherfucker!

What this thin king (thinking) thought?
You must be mental
For your slips of the tongue
Ima ax ya dental (accidental)

This bat’ll rap you over your head
Nah. This battle rap…
You over your head
So, I got the pill (PL) low
I’m puttin this to bed

Chill’s sleepin with the heater
I got Ice Cold hot
At least it’s cooler on the other side
Stuart Scott

We got a problem Houston
You guardin a habit
Never can rock it (Rocket)
or land da magic (Orlando Magic)
You ate the L (ATL) for choking crazy
Houston, Orlando, ATL…
You think you’re the one
Tracy McGrady

But he was a beast
a 30 point shooter
You got 30’d by Rah
Cuz being sharp didn’t suit ya (suture)
But like T-Mac
There’s a hawk in your future
You’ll get one in the chest
Heimlich Maneuver

So back the fuck up
and stop your fronting
You been a fake king (faking)
since your battle with Kutta
You got the brains to be on top,
but I mean like your mother
I’m saying you blowing it Willie
and that makes you a sucker!

You can carry Magnums (guns or condoms)
But you ain’t safe with deez (guns or deez nutz)
Willie takin shots
From every 10 C sees (10 CCs)
Willie Rest In Peace
but look how tense he seems
Clapped him with the ratchets*

And since you got no bars
Ima leave you a mobile (immobile)
You’re the king of melting down
and think that your noble
Radio got you active
You were rushin to be the guy
But the cans are
giving you new clear eyes

So peep the scheme
And evil tactics
I said you’re Russian
And Radioactive
Chernobyl, Meltdown,
Nuclear, Cancer?

TIME, Bitch!



Round Two…. YOUR MAMA!!

Now, this pussy’s government name?
is Willie Lee Parker
Willie Lee was named after his father… and his father
and William tell that the apple fell
…fuck that coward I’m going after your mama!

Yeah, I got the hook-up
I’m Master P
When my cell out the van
She Black and Blue in the street
You got her tatted on your arm
Now an arm in her teeth…
That’s what you get
for wearing your heart on your sleeve

Kim Sanders, right?

You fuckin idiot…
Your tattoo revealed her
You were in the pits with Byrd (Pittsburgh)
But I’m the one that a steel ‘er (Steelers)

So run fast Willie Parker / Fast Willie Parker
and cut ya dancin’
For all your lyin’ (Lion)
Ima bury Sanders / Barry Sanders
Give you both a hole
Now the box is stacked
so neither one will be running back

I spray paint Kim (with an automatic weapon)
That’s a warm color (blood)
I split her body with the 12
It’s the Lord’s Supper
For you & your sister >showing guns<
Oh brother…
I’m raising two stupid babies

But, fuck that disrespectful shit…
I’ll just go back in time
and find Kim pregnant and warm
Then BOW!
Come back and see if Will is STILL BORN / stillborn

And if I miss?
Well / Will, that’s on me
I’ll just tell your mom
that we’ll / Will go with Plan B

Now ya mom is blue
Cuz Caesar up in da crypt (blue/Cs up/Crips)
It was a life for a life
She gave her will / Will to live
But fuck it…. BOW!!
I left jackets at her house
and a burner in her grill
Now she’s warm at the house
While I’m here catchin a chill / Chill

So fix that lonnnng face
and don’t cry bitch
Or you’ll get the long blade
or a wide bitch
Put you flat on your ass
In the front and out the back

You’ll see C from sea to sea
C will be stretched far
I’ll put C in a jar
to see sections
Of C’s sectioned heart
and if I see C in the intersection
He’ll see these out my car
I’ll seize the life out of C

I put the 3 up… he freeze up
I heat the Suburban
The 32 make you zero
Metric conversion

Then I drive off quick
Exhausted, draggin…

Nah… the exhaust was draggin
But that just means the pipe (exhaust pipe / gun) was sparkin on the ave!

Yeah, I’m pressin every round
That’s four wheel drive
He try to get away
But before Will drive
I pulled out the four
That made poor Will dive
and his mom started screaming
“It’s the four, Will… drive!”
But BOW!!!
All we heard was wheels / Will screachin
just before Will died

TIME Bitch!



Round Three… FUCK YOU!

You think your mob deep
And you’re a prodigy too
Well, maybe that’s why choking on rounds
comes so easy for you
(Mobb Deep / Prodigy… try to stay in tune)
But from now on?
Better be no choking at all
Cuz ain’t no EMs on call…
and if I’m the one to pull out the foreign body / the 4 and body
BOW!!! Fuck choking
You won’t be breathing at all

But you’re the choke king (choking)
R-Rah proved you the worst
You got 30’d in a 2 rounds
and choked in the first?
So nah, I ain’t stoppin til he dead in a hearse
But you shoulda known…
To get money / Money off a will / Will
someone gotta die first!

So I hope these words hang over your head
like the Sword of Damocles
Yo Byrd… what kind of poor sport
resorts to slapping knees?
Bitch please

You think you harboring pearls
And you can bomb first in this world
Well so did the Japanese
I’m strapped with these and…

Yo, hold up.

Y’all made this look like rich white boy
versus boy in the hood?
This movie’s hella fiction
and Radio, you broadcastin weak,
like static don’t go with friction

Bitch, I was born in the hood
And into a childhood
where dad SHOULDA been in prison…

You come from a place where it’s bad if dad is detached from the family?
Well, I come from a place where it’s bad if he isn’t
The battle’s different

So don’t be green with money
to color a false image
Cuz having my father black on me
was my version of white privilege

So I’m here sheddin light
on how your dumb ass tried to switch this…

But it ain’t your fault
We all products of our environment…
and I raised by an animal
You was raised by bitches

See/C you curl up (like the letter C) under pressure
Cuz mama kept you fetal
And it’s God’s will / Will
that we should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people (Peter 2:15)
Now we all know that you LIVE backward
And that just makes you feeble
I guess Mama didn’t teach you about THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL (Money)

But nah…
Thinking back on all the shit I did
It’s clear that money’s / Money’s not the root of all evil…

It be over
I creep over
Your fam bagged on the floor
You thought the odds were stacked like street poker
Til the king cut the deck (dick) and took out the joker

Yeah, I sent Will tumblin
I knocked Will out
I flipped Will’s lid
They had to cart Will / cartwheel out

You esse’ (USA)
got the 10, of course
Mom and sis clapped
So I pummelled da whores (pommel horse)

Got their arms on the ground
Head standing
But BOW!!
I still gave em a 9

See? You got it twisted
and for all your dramatics
I fingered all my bitches (guns)

And all that to say
If you judging this card
Comparing him to me?

So, I got the W
I had the tools to do it
W… I… two Ls? (W-I-L-L)
You’re dead
I just read your/you’re WILL to prove it

TIME, Bitch


* Unprotected sex with ratchets can result in getting “the clap” (a.k.a. Gonorrhea — an STD).

** Chill Will is actually one of three siblings, not two. However, if Chill Will had said something about it, a surprise response was prepared. The idea was to enhance the perception that I knew everything about Chill’s life and had every base covered in my plans to end him.

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