Main Stage Legend

Main Stage Legend

Caffeine Legend

Fuck how he feel

Cuz I’m Dreamchasing

I give a nigga that Meek feel



One shot to his mans

He gonna die over the game

Imma show him how Lil Snupe feel


Free the slaves out The Matrix

I am The One

Two… (pills)


Adolph told me you had the jewels

So now it’s time for me to Mark the treasure

You was online, doing all that jazz

So it’s time for me to silence the heckler


I ain’t stoppin’

The white man was doing all this…


I never worship false idols

So fuck what he sayin’

I’ll turn this bitch into AstroWorld

Nina singin over the body while the music playin


I’m from the bottom, Money

You the greenest type

I didn’t have to go to a university

The streets taught me how to read and RIGHT



To the Earth… dynamite, you fuckin cokehead


I will serve you (?and Dyna White?)

I’m about to do you foul

He was tryna draw a charge

and ended up turning into Brandon Knight 


You gettin’ smoked

This pack from Pakistan

I’ll leave your eye patched like a Raider’s fan


Your name Money

So it’s only right I put cheese on your head

Like a Packers fan


Listen here, you Eminem in the face 

Stan-lookin’ motherfucker

I free the slaves out The Matrix

So I don’t give a fuck

if the radio don’t play my jam

But damn

Ju-Ju, I gotta thank you for booking this fam

Cuz the first thing that came to my mind 

is here comes the Money

Shane McMahan 


I’m a Haitian

I’m not an African

I’m from the islands

In his last battle, he said he was a voodoo doll

Well bitch, you’ll get stabbed 

and stabbed again


My buck fifty will scar your face 

like “say hello to my little friend”

Basically, my sidekick gave the freak bucks

like Middleton 

You’re only here because money lied in the beginning like Benjamin 


Bitch, Bob Marley’s son

They know the bud wiser 

I freed the slaves

So fuck all these devils that be watching my battle saying “that boy fire” 

No liar

2021, I had a good year

Like the old tires 


You? Just old as fuck

You just need to retire

Just because you paid to be courtside

Don’t mean your seat fire 


What you gonna do in the end (indian)

With a chief by ya


I invested in the stocks too

Like one dollar on your head

Like I’m a cheap buyer 

These bullets hit you and Common Mayes

Cuz if I reach? FIRE! 


This is Street Fighter vs. typewriter

Hey big dog… you an ankle biter 


Legendary vs. Money Mark

I looked at this matchup

and I was like ‘whoopdy do’

Fuck you

I’m a king

Respect Tutankhamun when I walk in the room

Listen Money

My middle name is Romario

My whole life, I’ve been jumping for coins

And if I hit a block

My thoughts get bigger on a shroom


Don’t worry about my companion Yoshi

Cuz that bitch on URL laying eggs on the moon 


By the way, you got these big-ass bifocals

And you still can’t see me 

You getting smoked

The green fire 

I’m just passin the L to your cap like Luigi


Hey yo, Paw, go get the table

I’m about to show this actor 9-4 Dudley boy 3D

In my Geechi Gotti voice, “You a fuckin mark”

The kid fire

I spit fire and run laps around your princess 

Like Mario Kart 


I remember the good old days

like Eddie Guerrero

Doing the Frog Splash

Like pulling off in the 6-4

I’m about to show this clown no mercy 

like the old school Nintendo


When you be on the web do you turn into Peter Parker? 

I hate the fact that these crackers even had the power to hang niggas, depending on if our skin was darker 

Bitch, I’ll go back in time and fuck you up in your heyday, because my pen is sharper 

Think Undisputed

You cannot debate anything this pen brings

Cuz you stand out

Yellow Marker 


I’m from the town where niggas be wavin’ sticks like Harry Potter 

And since this a gathering, y’all just came to watch me beat the money outta this piñata 



9-4 Legend…


Always chasing clout…

Look at me… you’re a PUSSY

(Dennis attempts to say something)


You should’ve stayed in your fuckin’ house!


You dumb soft

Dade County gave you 100 shots… and you died

Who says he ain’t Young Dolph?  

(R.I.P. Young Dolph)


Yeah, you better fuck off

Without ya Paw, you ain’t a true threat

One shot from my balcony a get ya roof decked

A shot from my pool a get ya crew wet

and if you & me can’t find Common ground?

I’m punchin you next


What did you expect? It’s time !

We got Money Mark the Legend

The richest battler alive

Against the legend who’s only a legend for forgetting his unforgettable lines


…and it’s a headshot

Brains drop, 

body’s not far behind

No surprise

Now Dennis will always be a legend…


…in his OWN MIND


You outta your mind

Even worse than it seems

16 battles, you like 0-16

You ain’t even a starter on your own home team

Cuz you dropped the ball for JUNIOR varsity team


Y’all see what I mean? He mad flaw

Dade County gave you more than a fair SHAKE… and you cried your ass off


Insisted on putting spilt milk in the mix

and bitch, that was the last straw

Imma retire him, y’all


Mike Mike calls me the Final Boss…

Yeah, well tonight  >click click<

I’m the firing squad


Imma wire your jaw

and denture (dent your) teeth for all a ya flaws/floss

and not to string this along…


but last we met,

Dolph said things could go LEFT… 

and he was right…

Things about to go SOUTH-PAW


So when the chrome rise, your dome flies

Then I start stabbing on your guys

No lies… I’m so stressed

I even stabbed YBS

I put the pick on somebody your own size!


Everyone knows that bro died

but he still runnin’ amuck

(to Tech) Think Bruce Willis

Cuz if 9-4 had sixth sense (6-cents)

he still couldn’t keep it buck ($1.00)


I’m keepin it tucked…

and the Wesson? No question

It’ll get you riddled

I’m really talkin to Moose

so don’t bother callin a doc cuz he gonna do little


You too little

You ain’t a MOOSE…

You a MOUSE….

and I ain’t bugging

Cuz YOU were the little rat… 

tryna get in bee’s oven

which gave God the Temptation to crack ya head, like DAVID RUFFIN


And all Mouse got was a cookie…

A MOOSE woulda got the MUFFIN


So no lovin’ for D today

and when Ro dent your shit, you better prey

Bro, did you really think Bee would see you a rat and let you whisk her (whisker) away?


Needless to say, it’s not debatable

He’ll be all tied up

Break a dead lock in ya dreadlocks

Cuz ya not enough…

You’re not tough

So how you gonna get a-head…  >bap bap<

…if it’s knotted up?


This is not a bluff

So, if you get it twisted then screw you

You get your face lifted

It’s a new you

Eat the serial with hella rounds

You’ll get your Fruit Looped

Deuce deuce, Shoot you, Through you…


And if the dude move?

I’ll just re-deuce

Double D 

down to nothing



And for those who chose to doubt this shit

Stick around for another round of clownin this bitch


Time Bitch



I speak the truth

I’m tired of these run arounds

I’m a nice guy

But after the battle, I turn into JG Wentworth

It’s my money and I need it now



When I’m in the room, you better move slow

Cuz boy, I turn into a moose when the moon glow

These shots ain’t easy to block

But for all this “BULLSHIT!”

You’ll get a baldhead

Alex Caruso


I’ve got a missile pointed at the Dojo

For all your monkey business 

Caesar get his brain split



Let me guess

You was one of those cowboys in the field

Commentating like Rollo

Well, listen here Jerry Jones

If I split your shit

All you are going to see is stars

Like the Cowboys logo

Basically, you’ll see an Eagle dance in a star 

like TO


You ain’t got no hope boy

My life is a trip

My daddy sold cocaine

I was raised by a dope boy


I put in work


The castle I build you can’t destroy

I became Main Stage Legend off a fuck up

But now you here on the Main Stage

getting fucked up


You better peep boy

This ain’t my peak boy

Because I got a Nina

It’ll blow Money fast

Shout out to Meech, boy


Hey Common, don’t reach

Cuz I teach

Like literally

Take a seat

Because my city be needin a hero

The devil be pulling niggas into the heat


Miami like Vice City

You gotta come into the game with a cheat

Moral of the story is

There’s always been a code to the streets


You ever been locked in the dungeon with a beast

You gonna need more than generic rhymes to compete 

Cuz I stomp your face in with the new ?gains?

The cashier said it’s always nice to keep dollars on my feet


I’ll take your wife

So basically I’m robbing money

Bank heist

I’ll shoot you in the face pussy

And won’t think twice


I’m just reuniting Money and Dead Prez

in the afterlife


Imma have Paw, Tech

Basically, the whole moose tribe when I ride

You gonna need Godzilla, Chris Paul…

Basically the whole nationwide on your side

You won’t survive


All you seen was black socks

We slid on this cracker like the fab five

And Don?

You lucky I wasn’t on the Cleveland card

I would’ve pulled out a calico and made that whole land slide


Hey, you Nick Saban?

Spit in the bucket

Roll Tide

I’m 9–4

Big Moose

Most high


What puzzles me is that I free the slaves and I never let them hang a nigga off a money tree

I declare war

Dear Mama

Y’all just watching Legend ride on his enemies like Tupac Shakur

I got the juice

We still ballin’

You can take the score

These bullets get around


So fuck the Dojo

I’m only here to leave the temple underneath the ground

I elevate the level ?itself?

So when they talk Krownholder

They know Tutankhamen hold the crown man


I know everybody made a bet

But I got a shot for your chest

The paramedics gonna be the only ones to tell if money good when he hit the deck


You only here to die for my respect

Exit 1 is my city

They know that boy Legendary a threat


Listen money, the only thing I mark is a check

So if you ain’t got no money after the battle

It’s Kanye West album

Off with his neck


Ain’t shit you can do with me

Legends live forever

So I had to give money back to the community



Now this pussies government name is Dennis Derisme… D.D.

We was gonna chop you for da green initially (DD)

if they let us (lettuce)

But black was running back yellow from the bus without a gold/goal line, so all y’all can bet us (Bettis) that tonight, he goin down in defeat

(down on the feet)… like a foot fettish


Lord, Imma ring on this troll

That’s Precious…


…and you won’t rebound from a shot 

like Rodman, Dennis


He dead as soon as I get the shot out

Got Mike banging the boards

He already got the box out

Don from 7 Block knocked u the fuck out



What’s your problem with Rich dudes D?

You gotta be the craziest player in history

It’s outrageous

Think Rodman in Vegas

Cuz Dennis thought he could leave 7 dazed

But he was two week


I’ll give you the greatest side kick

Memphis Bleek


Then it’s heat

from a Smith and Wesson

or a bigger weapon

Invented this shit in the Inception

Decapitated DiCaprio in a dream session

Even Common and Rollo felt the aggression 

Cuz the kickback had 30 DAZED/days…

for 1 second


I’ll wreck him

His goal (gold) fake, but that’s all this fairy treasure

Thinks he Ruthless, but can’t get Money easy / eazy without AIDS… you’re Jerry Heller


Listen fellas 

I’ll have him holdin (hole in) his teeth

with a drill to Den til (dental) he need a hygienist


I’m a great menace

No penance

Send him str8 to the gates with no doctor

You ain’t Dre, Dennis…


I’m overzealous on the gas pedal

Iron tucked away like a rare metal

Til I see DD…

Then the lead is (letters) on his chest like Daredevil


Hella hits…

Imma let it sing on the next level…

and at that stage, we gonna hear your soul like Aaron Neville

Bass and Treble, equalized

You good at battle and rap…

Those are EQUAL LIES


Don’t you realize?

You spiraling down

The gravity

There’s no escape…

I black whole (black hole) rounds


But that’s how it’s gotta (how a God) be

When U n I verse?

It start with me…

Then your bitch get that BIG BANG

She HOT for me…


She said “You’re meteorite” (meatier, right)

So put it in-sodomy (inside of me)…

Meteorite? Sodomy?

Yeah, she can’t calm it (comet) down…

That ass drawn ta me (astronomy)

Following the star like astronomy


Then she lick my bitch… obviously

Them girls havin’ fun 

She don’t know what to say…

The cat got her tongue


The way she she bi… ‘n lick her…

She takin’ care of the bum

Buyin’ liquor? Take care of the bum?


But shit

I wasn’t supposed to say she eat ass…

But what can I say…



Admit it, you’re dumb…

On a lower tier

So don’t come cryin to me

She wanna get healthy, son (sun)…

So I gave her that Vitamin D


She ridin’ for me

Fast & Furious

She’d even pay to see the dick



Likes me furious

So I grip her

Bra rip her

Pop the tubes when I ride inner (in her)

What’s that shit you spit against Will?



She likes real men, not boys

She gives me head…

I’m her top choice


If she so chose to blow somebody

I know some bros that would throw some money


I’m really low

Got some freaky hoes

and make your Honey Nut while they Cheerin’ yo…


Cuz I bee in the box, like the cereal


Fuck a burial

I’m here to harass him

His bitch a blast him…

Then she come with me…

Simultaneous orgasm


Now that was the last one & if you doubted this shit

Stick around for another round of clownin this bitch




To be the greatest in the game

I try to show these niggas the way

The world want my entertainment

But I was sent to free the slaves

Like Cassius Clay


I ain’t feeling myself

No masturbate

Peep the set up

I can literally go back in time

and lead a mass debate

Ride with me


I only bring niggas on missions 

that’ll slide with me

9–4 Bill Clinton

I’ll turn your white girl into Monica Lewinsky

Tonight you’ll have to do a different flip to raise the bar

SS Tricky


My shooters? They slide in a jiffy

If we’re ever in a jam

they gonna squeeze that bitch till it’s empty

Get Rich or Die Trying

Money gonna catch these shots like 50


My last battle, I was seeing fairies like ?Crocker?

Now I’m seeing fairies like Timmy

Shoot you plus one

These shots giving out free entry


I mean, I made my family crowd

They saw me come up off the pennies

I been ready

Main Stage Legend

I got my face on a couple billboards

Different cities


They try to downplay my accomplishments

But Imma keep chasing my dreams

Like that nigga from Philly


Hey, why this green bitch don’t change when the light change?

You should’ve known you wasn’t gonna fit in when Dolph took your ass to the dice game


Big Moose

I stand out

I don’t do this for no damn clout

I don’t understand your language like Watani

I just send you to the Angels like Mike Trout


Do you know who the Moose is?

I got so much courage

Dog, the man’s tryna scare me off like Eustis


Shoot like Curry

Check out my usage

You done traveled the world

just to become a bum?

I call that a vagabond


You should be thankful for battling a legend that’s in his prime… I call that Amazon


I was just smoking the pop smoke

I’ll make your bitch suck my popsicle

For all this jazz, you’ll get the 45 in your back

That’s Donovan Mitchell


I was just 30’n niggas like surf

Cuz my thoughts tsunami

I stay on my grizzly

And I bear arms like Mike Connelly

They just came here to watch me fold this bird 

Like origami


Don told me before the battle, don’t hurt nobody

But I’m like one of those male cheerleaders at practice…I’ve been waiting to catch the body


You ain’t got no drive

Watch me take this jump to the shot


I free the slaves out the matrix

9–4  ??illuminati??


My purpose is to save the people

We not equal

I don’t believe in your ?market a Bs vaccination?

Because the residents would become evil


9–4, that’s a weapon that’s so lethal

To survive, you’re gonna need more help than The Beatles


Cuz you niggas be doin the most

He was a fan but I had a bad battle

So I guess you just turned your back on the post

The root of evil got his heart in jeopardy

Money shows

Your stock’s down

If we had unfinished business, quarantine

The work is closed


Aye Money, I’m rich in spirits

So I’ll be the same nigga in bummy clothes

Flow sick

Runny nose

It’s time we start a petition on this dojo gas station — they starting to look like Sunoco


9–4, bitch I run the town

Out of this 50, you’ll be getting too much

Like a Hound Dog round


We were booked to be on Krownholder

But they know Tutankhamen hold the crown

I wonder why every time we hear Mark go

We hear Common in his round


Hey, my third eye showing me you snake bro

Mike Mike, small note… I don’t give a fuck about a Top 10 list you made up

I’m only here to leave Mark iced



In this club, you know they ain’t keeping it playa

They like to be gassing these niggas

You worse than Skip Bayless


Aye Mike, keep it real

You know this nigga ain’t got no fucking skill

I’m only here to blow the player club up

I’m looking for Dollar Bill


My name Dennis

I free the slaves

I open the gates to the holy field

To the straight fades to the main stage

All my underground kings know I kept it real

I’m from the city where niggas don’t make it out

They said this nigga body was dead in the bando

Legendary had to take him out


I’m taking this pussy on a death date

The headshot took him out

I had the battle of the year with Don Rich

Got dumped by Rich E. Rich

And now I just added Money Mark to the bank account



Dude, you a cancer

No really

Your mom had you on June 22

You really a Cancer


Now I’m just thinkin aloud

The symbol looks like a 69 on the side

Fuck’s that all about?


is that why you got Paw’s dick in your mouth?


Someone give this whore a sco…..

Yeah, I said it

Was that pause worthy?

Well it was the Krownholder card…

We were supposed to see if PAW’S WORTHY


Now someone give this whore a Scope…

We need to wash out his mouth

Cancer, The Crab

Yeah, if I buck it, you won’t make it out


Hard knock

Caught a shot

Like Dak to CeeDee Lam, and ate it

God damn

press caught it on cam

Y’all got to see D laminated


Now watch, how I rock on a different order

Cuz his mom name? Carmel Desir

and if you happen “da see her”, y’all better warn her

She’ll be a mourner

One block and I’ll blanket C.D. lamb

and that’s how I lock down corners


This is torture

Paw, you need to change his approach

and if he ain’t grew, then (Gruden) I’m cutting your head, coach


Big kick, I send a gunner through

Get me mad ‘n (Madden) 

I’ll put D on a cover, too (cover 2)

I’m coming through

So step back

Stand behind ya lines or you’ll get the next sack

I’m at your throat now

Wanna see who’ll be the first down?

We’ll find out on the neck snap (next snap) 


Push your head back

You won’t seem right

Your mom Carmel

That makes you the sweet type

A pussy…with sad moods

A mix of yellow and blue

and still can’t get your green right


I give the green light & that’s enough

They’ll heft D (Hefty) bag into a trash truck

You left your man fucked

Add it up… 9…4… bitch, you bad luck (9 + 4 = 13) 


And me? I’m a maverick

They said, “Mark, u been (Mark Cuban) nice”

keeping shooters at they best

D out his league

Delonte West

He look stressed

Thought he was Labron,

but now his mom in the drama

Labron? Delonte?

Fuck your mama!


What does 9 know?

You slime bro?

The way u let shit slide, u ain’t got a spine bro

9-4 about 4’9”…

So what da fuk I need a 9 for?


You don’t Bear Armz, dude

But dey (Dade) should trade you Orlando 

for what they got outta you

Dolph put you in

thinkin it was Mark L (Markelle)…

The nerve… he forgot how to shoot


And Adolph (aka Adrian Crawford) that’s on you

Couldn’t bring three rounds of hell to me

Fire in the field, but his Achilles heel 

cause him to walk off helplessly

Basically? He snaps and A see L (an ACL)…

That’s a fucked up tendency (tendon, C)


You can’t defend against me

I’ll make you famous

You standing next to the GOAT

Anthony Davis


I say this, cuz it ain’t D-Day

Mussolini & Adolph couldn’t put me away


Nothing left for police to say

Cuz I knew how to rid of D -n- A (DNA)


I ain’t here to play

I was sent / scent for glory

Smell the fear when I get predatory

See Moose pissed? 

That’s cuz Mark in (marking) his territory


Look at me Shorty

They don’t look up to you at tall

It’s a sad state for Maine

Moose couldn’t get a-head…

Now he’s up against the wall


So let’s end this abuse

I’ll do you a favor – Euthanasia

Lured mouse out w/cheese for this meal so he can noodle over the fact that I’m grater


The stock broker… and broke gonna describe more than your wallet, player

5 words to live by…

in-VEST, and STOCK UP… TRAITOR / trader


I just slayed him

from the field to the court


I just killed him for sport


Now y’all mighta noticed I ain’t exposed my opponent like I have in the past

Didn’t talk about Macy’s or your un-Sturdy talents

Your 500 credit score or collection agency balance


How your gambling picks put you deep in a hole or how you got named after a SOCCER PLAYER… but can’t hit no goals


Oh, you didn’t know??

Your middle name Romario

Y’all keep recording

He was MVP of the World Cup

the week you were born, D…


…and not by coincidence, his nickname was Shorty


And since we exploring…

Dennis is Greek for Dionysus the drunk

and Derisme is French

It means “mentally fucked”


Now see what it proves to you?

It’s something unusual

Cuz your name actually translates into



Now I’m through you – legit

Send him back to where you found this jit

And for those who chose to doubt this shit

I just gave y’all three rounds of clownin this bitch



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