April 22, 2003

Shout out to my people in VIP !

This body’s for you

I got depleted of weed by my 420 crew, but it’s cool

I was ready to crack heads, but Don gave me Rock

Guess he wanted me to smoke something on 4/20 too (April 22)


So we got Money Mark verse Hindu Rock


Listen Henny…

Don told me to make this shit lit  so you, me, and him could split a big wad

I was like “Split it three ways? Fuck Hindu, he won’t see dawn.”

For his third, I (third eye) put a dot on Hindu

Now this bitch can see God


It seems odd, cuz I’m in VIP with trendsetters

So why they gave me HENNY when D’USSÉ been better?

Here’s the set up – Last time you rapped, they poured out the yak

And this ticket a general admission you ain’t upgraded from that

So here…

What I bought’ll serve as (bottle service) a reminder of the last time Henny Black


Here’s a fact — you lost to Dropz and been a has-been since

You gave him shit about money, his crib, and how you better than him

But you been broke, had a baby at home, and got strung out on coke

Now you getting put in The Box by someone rowdy (Roddy) and Ricch

And you shoulda knew that white girl would come back to bite…

cuz every Hindu nose that Karma’s a bitch


Llamas a spit, since you of Persian persuasion

When Don gave me this plate, I was out on vacation

Call it preparation

Cuz I went from taking photos at Mayan temples…

to taking perfect shots at rock formation


For y’all information, I ain’t talkin’ pictures

Think Egyptians, cuz Mark’s on Rock like hieroglyphics

Then I split to South Beach — you won’t survive

You in with a shark — I got that Ocean Drive


So, who you fooling? My crib like a movie

But you shoulda checked how I’m really doing

Cuz I was born on a street known for deadly shootings…

and moved to a street known for deadly shootings!


Plus, the Dojo armed and they don’t be failin’

Think Prime Video, cuz when they SWARM, you won’t know who the KILLER BEE

I don’t mean maybe

They’ll be like “Dam-son (Damson Idris),

you got clapped in the back… like Chloe Bailey”


But not for the cash, are ya fucking dumb?

Don’t you know how corruption’s done?

I pay in stock; they raise the stock

It’s a pump and dump


You’re fuckin slump in massive fashion

Can’t put three words together

You really ass ass n in front of an assassin


And don’t act surprised that I’m blowing you out

Cuz you were addicted to white…

so you knew this would leave a bitter taste in your mouth


You can joke all you want, til heckler shoot you

You were always a dreamer, never a doer

Now you gettin’ mad this is Breaking Bad…

Cuz you were with that crystal ballin, but didn’t see death in your future


Catch a Luger, the guns up

Talk about drugs and you getting dug up

Thought he was sending shots to me in VIP??

Man, Henny got me fucked up


So cut the shit and button your lip

or watch how things a get ugly quick

Here with one round thinking your gun equipped

Bitch, there’s always a hundred in money clip


This a cold case, you’re not hot

I been jumping squares

What made you think I wouldn’t toss Rock



Yo, hold up…

I heard this cokehead’s government name is ARYA KHOSLAVI

Arya? Is it true? They named the girl in Game of Thrones after you?

Bullshit! She was gangster – killed a king out the blue

and that’s Karma again…

cuz you were THRONE off your GAME after that white girl killed you


Your initials AK… like Ashton Kutcher and that’s as real as it gets

Cuz we ain’t seen AK black out since The Butterfly Effect


Slice ya neck and lay you flat

It’ll be (B) AK in the ER and a Baker Act

Don, tell me where the cake is at

or you’ll see AK face an AK…

and you gonna have to reflect on that


So let’s clear up a fact before I get active

How you Persian Hindu Cuban and Catholic?

Think Tony Montana… he won’t come out alive

Cuz we ain’t seen a Cuban (Quban) show out with Cane since Summer Shootout 5


You went from dope lines to a dope fiend

Supposed to be Hindu but couldn’t keep your nose clean

Bro please

You’ll go from hot water to a sinkhole

You got no heart

I’m shedding blood over rock… Apocalypto


Fif blow

I’m sparing no quarter

They’ll be callin’ the docs – there’ll be praying in order

til they payin the coroner, facin the horror

That you’ll never come around…

It’s a restraining order


But it’s beautiful, face it

Funeral arrangements

All at Rock’s gravestone, singin and praisin’

And y’all can guess what the priest’ll be sayin…

That it’s always the ones that be beggin for roses

that end up stuck with reincarnation

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