We got Money Mark from the Dojo vs. the artist formerly known as Waters

a.k.a. the Karate Kid



Bitch, you changed your name to Mahgi

Is that what you wanted?

To quit cuz you lost it?

He jumped ship cuz he couldn’t get it Kraken…



But now you got it shakin’ with me

So the (soda) pop you feelin ain’t gas, it’s your heart stoppin’…

cuz you thought that cap could keep a leader / liter bottled up…

and even that wasn’t Smart, Waters


But now it’s “Mahgi”

Maaaaah G

IDK if that’s pathetic or cute

Ma is what I call my mother, in truth

Wesson a shoot

Just to show y’all Mark’s / marks on Ma… like domestic abuse

I’m better than you

Changed your name so ops can’t flip it

Say you didn’t, I doubt it

Bitch, I know so many ways to flip Money, I can’t even count it

But you was seeking a cheap way around it

So, tonight, if ALL I do is flip your name Joe…

Water you gonna do about it?


Inorganic and transparent with no flavor

You the same Waters that we seen

and blood thirsty killers can eat, see

So for being a Trader, Joe, you already know…

They’ll grab a POLE N (Poland) SPRING on you for a FEE, G (Fiji)

Believe me

Open fire on Waters… PCP


When I engage-men, the ring’s on sight

Think Martin & Gina tonight

Cuz Imma let it sing and walk away from Waters in (‘n) Payne…

I’m Brian McKnight


You was getting whipped back here

Couldn’t take it & gave up your name instead

So we know you ain’t no Kunta Kinte…

But you’re still a foot away from being dead


Bitch, you fled to Cali from Benji n Common…

So I don’t wanna hear that we got Benji’s in common

On the card-he-act like his pulse re-started

It’s odd cuz

He got came back to Florida to see PR (CPR)

and got a pump in the chest from the first responder


Now here’s some gossip you don’t know

Joe was BORN with a weak heart

It’s no joke

His mom exposed Joe

No lie

The Mother of Miyagi sent her “Karate Kid” to get schooled at the Dojo

Cobra Kai


Said you sold coke, weed, PCP and made scale in a sugar mill

Think your faking is real?

Angry we don’t believe in your game, flipping Birds for a thrill?

Well, now an Eagle’s gettin’ you ostracized…

cuz that won’t fly and never will


Like you Don Diva of the projects

But everything you write’s out of Con-Text

In my old life they really sold white

and the rock next…

They showed off the Tecs…

Bro, it was 1979, but they had more sneakers on-lines than StockX

You are not them


Joe, Jesus taught us through prophets how to not get bothered

when the thin ice falters

So it’s insane

How he gettin nailed to the cross, not being 10 toes down as he claims

Which explains why you getting WALKED ON, WATERS…..

Cuz you couldn’t learn to stand on your name


Think any trick’ll stop the bleedin’?

Yo, if Joe BUDDEN, he gettin so beaten

and if SMACK want more Mexicans, then it’s more reason

TAHIRY (to hear he) JOSE, the way JOE CHEATIN’


So how you put yourself on a pedestal?

When the statue (stats-you) put up are not monumental?

When you live in a crib that’s not even special?

Joe, I got a Penthouse on the waterfront…

I sea levels


Talk about money, but time for confession

I found your profession

And Big Money Joe here is really a boss…

of customer service representatives


This some shit and we can’t ignore it

Needed a bed in Maryland. What? You couldn’t afford it?

and don’t lie Mr. Customer Service Representative…

Cuz this call’s being recorded


Yo Trips…

Y’all really want us to gas this guy?

Thought his product could command a dime?

Well, if ya squad down, you better call now…

Cuz our operators are standing by


All that talk about money will not buy you love

So, remember who’s got the DOUGH, JOE (Dojo),

before you start chopping it up


I don’t buy/bi your fuck shit or how you play, dude

We only think of you LESS-BIAN a HO’ MO’ than you portray to

Cuz, there’s only one other brother who tried to have it both ways…

And now J2


So, I’m on the attack

Got dudes that are strapped

They’ll take you out for a BAND, Joe (banjo)…

with no strings attached


And if you get triggered or someone defend you?

I ain’t gone hold you, Imma hold it against you

But it’s inconsequential

He ain’t URL, but you gettin’ dropped with Eaze

I prepared for/four weeks to bleed this pussy…

and to set his men straight, got these

They’ll get blammed on, won’t have a leg to stand on

The way I put these joints together… and knock knees

Bitch please


Wanted flowers so bad

Don’t SAY you didn’t

Or kid, watch what stem from this arrangement

The floor’ll be very different

Cuz there’s a bouquet painted on your old girl’s arm… 

and Imma make sure you buried with it

I’m very different


So, what’s this shit about coke and porn?

Bet your wife couldn’t bear the sin

Said without her you couldn’t win

Yet you wanted so bad to get on SMACK

that you lost your heroine


But breaking up got her day saved

I would toy with her for the games played

If she was here and got me wound up…

I woulda got your bae blade

A fair trade


How you a Christian and can’t keep your nose clean?

Plus, it ain’t smart to cop product in the dope scene

But it’s fake, so no matter what name he take…

either Joe’s a bitch or Josephine / a fiend

Y’all see what I mean?


Keep this up and you’ll end in an alley

Taking drugs just to rally

How you Florida Movement and duck Common and Mumba

to smoke some white boy in Cali?


Do you see a race and think you can run me?

Guess he back on Track and Feel he can jump me

But you’ll never see the medal above me…

Joe, I ain’t one of those white boys you beat cross country

You disgust me

and yeah, Joe Brown, but who is he to JUDGE me?


I’ll take 2 eyes for an eye

Patchin it up is ear-relevant

Everyone nose what my in-scent-ive is…

So you knock my pigment…

and Imma knock your melanin


Said your block had more colors than the Windows logo

Another fuckin lie

A Christian living on Saints Row? 

It ain’t a game bro

You taking people for a ride

Cuz if Coney Island had Six Flags why ain’t we seen Waters slide?

Waters lied


Windows logo…

Yeah, you software ever you go, Joe

So, I’m cutting the bull right thru for claiming red and blue

Texans logo


I’ll have a perp pull-up from a gang if I’m willing…

Think battling Cali’s version of Fross made you a G, Mayne? Really?

Is that how you feelin?

Well, I ain’t G Mayne Frost…

You gonna need an Arsonal to run ME out the building

I make a killing


But your gravestone won’t even say Joe…

and this is how much he acts

Cuz this pussy’s government name?

is Michael DeAllfordii…


>Oh, now you care about your name?<

>Now you care about your fuckin’ name<

>Shut your fuckin mouth during my round<

>I know your fuckin name<

>It’s Michael Pierre Joseph Dee-Al-Fur-Dee<


and it’s Brazilian… facts

But this is Florida

and being a pussy HAIR can get a Brazilian waxed

>Now shut the fuck up, PUSSY<


Look at him… emotional

This as real as you been

But try to get to Money, Mike?

and you’ll get the steel from a pimp


Ducked plates, moved away, changed your name

All a lazy ploy

We seen that you a good father and that’s why they annoyed…

Cuz JOE D (Jody) only know how to act when he with his Baby Boy


So was Joe BIDEN his time or Joseph STALIN?

Either way, it’s irrelevant

You was RUSSIAN to be a DICTATOR but couldn’t set a good PRESIDENT


Sounded bitter on Twitter, couldn’t make a connection

Cuz you a bitch in Spaces, you’re Judy Jetson



You don’t think that’s my bar?

Well, we gonna explore it

You, me, and the dude in the fedora

But this bitch still green in Spaces… Gomorrah


Back in Florida, flawed as you ever been

Worst twin in his league and still triplets (Trip lets) him in

and just for this, Imma fire the host

Ain’t good as Palmer, Cal, or Jitt Redd, despite what you boast

But if I Palmer Cal and leave this Jitt Redd… He’ll be good as a Ghost


And you say you gotta die to live

That don’t seem that tough

I say living’s the cost of death…

They just gave you Money to speed it up


Time Bitch

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