I wanna thank y’all who came to the rooftop

Seeing how I live

The Jacuzzi and the views

You know I’m doing it big

So trust me…

That ain’t the first time we seen a Benz back outta my crib

(battle rapper, Jay Benz, backed out of a battle scheduled to take place on my roof deck the night before)


And as for you… man-to-man?

That singing don’t feel right (Tech sings a song to start each battle)

You tryna hold a tune…

I’m tryna hold a knife

Imma fuck up that song and leave him Open, Mike


I’m putting Tech in a box…

It’s karaoke night


When I serve these shots

You’ll be thrown back

Cuz y’all call him Techno

a.k.a. Stone Mac…


But this pussy’s government name

is JOHN Nathaniel SWEETING

…and it don’t get sweeter than that


You trash

but not real ass… Nunu

Hands on the 12

I’m about go cuckoo

I might buy out a few crews

I mean, look at the fit…

It’s a thousand dollars and new new

But you?

Wouldn’t know if it’s a BAN(D) or not…

Like Juju

(a band is $1,000. Juju is a member of Tech’s league, involved in some confusion regarding a member of the battle rap community, named “Ish” that has been the subject of possibly being banned from Florida battle rap activities)


Whatever you do

I’m on some different ish (another word for “shit”)

This been a fit for war (a fit is an outfit)

Like veterans gets

Y’all owe me a body

I’m collectin’ the debt/dead

Gettin’ a-head


But he don’t wanna pay so (Peso)

Give him four-in exchange…

It’s special FX

Let’s get to the wreck

Blade lift him up like a helicopter

Now Tech’s (text) all over the screen…

He a teleprompter


For John’s possessions, I arm the weapon

Noah’s Ark…

I got the llama set in

So I got no problems, but y’all oughta be stressin’…

Cuz this already a body that Common (calm ‘n) collected


So watch Sweet sweat with the heaters blammin’

Flee the hammers (guns)

Til he outta space…

The Eagles landed


We seen the Math and…

Yo hold up

This a complete Dizaster…


I don’t need a shotty

Paw (battle rapper, Adolph Jr.) don’t Roc with Fella

He chose Lumenati (battle rapper, Goddie Lumenati)

You didn’t get picked for them 2 on 2 bodies

So why is this MOB in front of The Boss…

…when no one ever called John Goddie?


But on God, I got the hammers that killed Waters

You gettin’ nailed at Mark’s hands… stigmata

Hope you read to die – this a B.I.G. problem

Cuz I’m back from the Zoo loose (Zulus) to kill a brother… King Shaka

Swing the stick and Sweets leaking… Piñata


I’m robbin CPG (Tech’s group, which includes Adolph Jr. and Dennis Legendary)

for their stocks and dollars

Lemon Ade’ and air a zone a (Arizona) Sweet tee

I’m making Arnold Palmers


I’m in the paint like fine art

with a single barrel like fine scotch

Check Tech heart when the time starts

Then you can check Tech pulse…

While iWatch


Get his IVORIES popped, emBRACE it

Tie John up for the play shit

then lay Tech’s body ‘n a whip

Dominatrix… (latex body n a whip)


Wasted, nearly bled out

Saw tooth blade, carve his head out

Then lock his parts in cars, serrated 

…and he won’t get out!

You know, cuz when someone’s locked

and incarcerated they don’t get…


Yeah, second guess me, you’ll never “think again”

It’s getting sour for sweet — I lemon heads

Get these rounds out the bag of Eminem


This shots are for Sweet like insulin

I clap at random… Dominicans

A rack-gets served and the ten-is swingin’


Yo, this a 30, Love

I’m killin him


Better show respect, guy

Watch your tongue or I’m on your throat… Columbian necktie

Tech die

You don’t know what movie you in

I’ll get crews (Cruise) to pull da plug on a tech

He’ll see Oblivion (a Bolivian)

Hack Tech

Crack Tech

and there’s something y’all don’t even grasp yet

The aspect

of Columbian, Dominican, Bolivian?

That was a fact check

I was just getting to the roots of things…

All to prove that you ASS-Tech (Aztec)

Past dead


And this fit was picked to define your loss

So wherever HUGO, you know that I’m the BOSS


Time Bitch



This the round where it gets ugly Sweet

They wanted me to put you to rest in a bigger room

but that would be a luxury, Sweet


So let’s go on a trip…

I put Dennis to the test & they booed the pest (Budapest)

So how you Hungary enough to beat me?

Something from the mil (9mm gun) a get India

‘Den Mark (Denmark) slice you up for a fee, G (Fiji)

Kenya watch when ya stomach get queasy?

Don’t bother with coffins, believe me

Cuz once I bring this pain (Spain),

It’ll leave (Italy)

No way (Norway)

to get Sweet in (Sweden)

I’ll do him GREECEy


So stop gassing Tech

I’m in electric mode

Deez’ll take a heavy toll

9 over the 10 tells my men that the price on the pump for Tech’s a go 

Check it yo…


You put an AR to son and called it Arson… and y’all respect it

But I put the DEs to Tech and he won’t be detected


If I got a DE and an AR

Who gives a fuck what words they make?

Lined up right, he’ll sing for DEAR life, when I fire on Sweet…

It’s a birthday cake


The pump-can light up for Sweet…

Trick or Treat

Your love jumped in

I bit her Sweet (bittersweet)

You’d be the oldest Krownholder in history

but you’re just a snack before they give Adolph (ate off) the floor…

So you can never be the Victor, Sweet


Just another casualty

Couldn’t walk away casually,

once I figured out Tech…

‘n struck shins manually (instruction manual)

To get power over Tech, all it took was the battery


If it’s friction, I got Glock oil

So it’s the roofdeck or the topsoil

But either way, I’m taking Stone to the edge…

like Gargoyles


Calm the man, when a llama blam

Til we see through Tech

He a Hologram

He used to haul a gram on the Florida Keys…

But got caught with the white tryna stack the green

It was only Smack, but Tech couldn’t handle the load…

Caffeine (the video platform where battles from the pro league, “SMACK”, is broadcasted)


That was the wrong move Stone

You hit Rock Bottom

Now Tech’s-in trouble…

DeShaun Watson (former Texans quarterback) 


I got him

I do it all for sport

Cuz YOU faced a Domestic case…

Musta been wild in court

I seen the file reports…

and CPG need to lay off the ladies

and focus on giving your child support

Swingin’ on women and singin’ to men…

I’m only here to strike a chord


Now, I expect no confession, but I’m a good guesser

Bet she closed (clothes) you off, when you tried to undress her

Gave you no play play, so just like your namesake

Tech (a TEC gun) got triggered and bowed to the pressure…

Then things got loud & Tech tried a suppress-her (suppressor)


Now I’m being clever to expose the endeavors of CPG

Getting caught with Coke & doin’ DVs

But how are none of y’all be Krownholders, but feel the need

to lean on Cane (the current “king” of Tech’s league) and put prints (prince) on your Queens?


I don’t mind games, but I’M CEREBRAL

So if you get locked away being ILLEGAL

Hope someone from her crew goes to jail n hurts you (Jaylen Hurts)

With an EAGLE


Cuz they say you gotta die to live, but that don’t seem that tough

I say living’s the cost of death, they just gave you money to speed it up




Bitch, I’ll buy out your company just to fire you from it

It might seem fucked up, but I might inspire you from it

Cuz you’re old Tech

Hope you gettin’ the message

Cuz I’m delivering bare facts (bear fax) with grizzly pictures

and I don’t kid with the pen… but I make silly figures

I’m really rich, ‘n

Talk is cheap

Y’all is sheep

I’m a sheer animal…

You’ll be caught in (cotton) sheets…

and this how you know you’re obsolete

Nah. This how you know your op’s (opponent) elite

Cuz my fingers all set to reset Tech…

Ctrl Alt Delete


You in a form (uniform) that’s old

A throwback homie

One click, he’ll get the picture quick

It’s a Kodak moment

No slack for him


Get his bitch for the paper

My team a take her

Feed them cake and they’ll play Sweet Love (Sweet’s love)

Anita Baker


Your songs flu through the air and gone viral

But I split D n A — tt’s a small spiral

Dade County Krownholder…

That’s not your title

So, I’m giving Sweet chin music 

Sean Michaels


You’ll get tattooed, on God

The need’ll (needle) arise to black on your face

Young Rah (a battle rapper with facial tattoos)

It’s a lost cause

and just in case y’all didn’t hear

I said Young RAH cuz you’re my son, God (son god)

and EYE am on another tier/TEAR


At this stage, you gettin killed on the spot

Cuz you’re Sweet, Sweet

Travis Scott

Grab a Glock

This about the haves and the have nots

Life and death

Knives and bats…

You’ll get cut in half or have knots


I needed weeks with the lead to show Waters impurity

But just a day-ta ruin tech… Cyber security


I exposed Waters and here’s the silly thing

You were lit by Moon and didn’t transform into anything


That ain’t a smart play or God’s way

You ain’t Luminati, bitch


So two die with the 5

That’s 10 the hard way (die is the singular form of the word “dice”)

which left Tech no logical way out… STARGATE

Nah wait…

If y’all don’t feel that was mean enough

then watch a star track (Star Trek) his prey…

when I beam him up

We’ve seen enough

But I ain’t even start yet

Try to S-cape and this man a steel you…

Clark Kent

You dead son…

I been a Superman since I been born

I’ve lived long

Cuz I had the baby off the safety, before I blew up…

Welcome to Krypton

You been gone

One click and your clique gone

I told y’all that I’d beam him up

Now he got nothing to Klingon


So how you gonna sing songs when I press a mean play?

Bird (Dessert Eagle) in the sky and the ratchet (a gun or a female) fire

Jean Grey

Fuck what he say

Got his mug shot for a sequel

and no cap (no lie), he a bald cat

Dr. Evil

I’m the Final Boss

Cheat code

2Ks (two AK47s or the NBA2K video game)

Street mode

Doctor Von Doom?

Naw, chocolate fondue

I just made a Sweet flow…

And already made a name

off a Dolph n Legend (Dolphin legend)

Don Marino (battle rapper who named himself after Dan Marino)


I’m flagrant 2

Did his heart foul (flagant 2 is a form of “hard foul” in basketball)

So I’m get credit on this card now

Knocking Money off was their only job…

But they still weren’t close (clothes) to getting Mark down



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