These Shots Just A Warning

My Old English flows, but I’m over 40 Overflowin with jokes, I’m like Rick and Morty Leave you riggamorty Pour it on til mornin' This shit's over your head? These shots just a warning   Back in the late-80s and early-90s, Money could only afford 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor, like Old English (depicted below). [...]

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Captain Morgan’s Strap

They'll be mournin' you, Jack You’ll see more guns clap But I cap you with one shot from Captain Morgan’s strap   A word-play filler to start Money's big finish. Many don't know that Captain Morgan packs a one-shot strap. Even fewer know that Money Mark really only needs one shot -- when he was [...]

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Fuckin With Wee-Fee!

I put that hoe on the Internet That bitch is too easy I’ve been fuckin with her hot spot While he’s been fuckin with wee-fee!   Money builds the momentum to a near-crescendo with the "hot spot" double entendre... and the crowd fucks wid his punch!   back

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