by Mark “Money Mark” Gomes

Money Mark has been an avid fan of hip-hop dating back to the early 1980s (not long after the Sugarhill Gang released “Rapper’s Delight”). His early favorites included Kurtis Blow, Doug E. Fresh’s Get Fresh Crew, the Beastie Boys, UTFO, and of course Run-DMC.

Barology 6 was Money Mark’s first-ever rap battle. While familiar with the old-school freestyle format, Mark wasn’t aware of modern battle rap until a few months before his debut against HallowTip.

Mark attended Barology 5 to support the event’s promoter — his friend and Track & Field colleague, Moses Washington. The experience inspired Mark to register as a participant for Barology 6.

Mark got up to speed by studying instructional videos, watching SMACK/URL battles, and consulting with his hype man (and two-time Olympian), Jeffrey Julmis.

This post breaks down Money Mark’s bars from Barology 6 (June 30, 2018). Just click the link after any bar to see a breakdown along with additional information.

You’ll be surprised what you might have missed!


Money Mark – Barology 6

Before we get started, I know what y’all tryna figure…
Is this nigga a cracker or a light-skinned nigga?
I got half tan skin, but a big ass crown
Yo, I’m half and half
Black from the waist down


But we’re here to talk about this clown
This here’s HallowTip
a.k.a. Jeffrey Bernard Bennett
Really? That’s your name, dude?
Guess that makes it a fair fight, cuz you only part black too


So, let’s just stick with JBB,
cuz I’ve heard you rappin and you’re
Just a Brother Babbling
Just a Bitch that I’m Blasting
Man, I hope your bars tonight
 ain’t as bad as your last ones


Cuz I’m Mark G,
 kinda like Mark Grist
When I spark these fuckin things
 at the end of my wrists
You’ll be a mark-ass bitch with a hole in his head
and yo, the crowd is markin’ out
 cuz I’m marking you DEAD


I’m sorry bro, but I came to work
I punch your clock
 and block your punch
Bunch ya up in a box 
like Captain Crunch
Poured in a bowl or a hole, it won’t matter much
U gonna break fast
I’ll take your block before lunch


I’ll beat the pigment out your bloody skin
Make you look like my ugly twin
Then steal your crack & jack your ride
That’s MY Cracker Jack surprise


Lay you out on a gurney
Take aim with my Mac
and blast a hole in your back
like a Jayson Tatum jersey


I clock seven figures 
for poppin seven of you bitches
With wide open shots
 like Kemba Walker’s stingers
And if you try a block’um,
 I’ll blast off your fingers
And they’ll call that a shocker
Cuz without ten digits, you can’t call a doctor
You’ll bleed out where I dropped ya


And they’ll say…

He died branded at the hands
 of a man who was dissin fast
Strung out from shots and
 strung up from the biggest mast
of an LA Clipper
So many cuts, he ripped him
Dropped his parts from Boston 
to the Austin Rivers


See? You brought a small knife 
to a big gun battle
And if the glock don’t get ya, 
I think that the gat’ll
22s won’t do
… shits just rattle


Better pray that doc has got them paddles
Better pray to God that doctor zaps u
God damn that doc gonna need some scalpels
So many slugs in your head
, you’re gonna need your scalp pulled


It’s serious…
Survivin ain’t a chance, it’s a miracle
I’m drawing more blood, than a Red Cross vehicle

And you’ll try to sound credible by turning up decibels
But that’s like talkin bout commas… and you only got decimals


Maybe that’s because you look like Ice Cube on crack


See? I don’t even need a rhyme
I only need one line

But if I gotta do my time, then I’m gonna shoot nine times
From your thighs to your eye line, cuz pussy bitches got nine lives
Now I’m a lion… full time
They call me 9 to 5
Cuz your best nine rhymes
Can’t beat the worst 5 of mine


I’ll even hold one back just to settle the score,
but they’ll still call them shits the Fantastic Four
I got long arms like Reed Richards when I’m going in
You’ll get scorched like the Torch
You’ll get rocked like the Thing

I don’t need a hundred workers
I’m like 100 merkers
Fifty shots from two Glocks…
I’m a fuckin construction worker!


Think you can defend me?
You trippin; Come on
I’d say that you right, but then we’d both be wrong
Gotta end what you start, but you won’t like the ending
I tag you up,
 and bag you up,
and F you up like a Fendi


And F a 40 shorty
I just need a light
I’m Khaleesi’s breed
Spit fire all night

I’ll be draggin your body, while drinkin Moscato
Leave the clips and the bottle emptied n hollow


Make sure nobody followed
Drop your corpse in a pothole
And drive off with your bitch in your pop’s El Dorado


She thinkin she won the lotto !
But who can blame her with the shit he been spittin’
Last time he was here, he was talkin about…
“I control the ocean and I’ll strangulate you with my seaweed”
“I don’t know about him and Carlito… i think them two’s he-shes”
“Maybe that’s why when they met, they connected like wee-fee”
What the fuck dude????


But never mind your girl
She just a hooker anyways
She calls me John Cena, all day
Cuz I got johns seein her, all day


I put that hoe on the Internet
That bitch is too easy
I’ve been fuckin with her hot spot
While he’s been fuckin with wee-fee!


They’ll be mournin’ you, Jack
You’ll see more guns clap
But I cap you with one shot from Captain Morgan’s strap


My Old English flows, but I’m over 40
Overflowin with jokes, I’m like Rick and Morty
Leave you riggamorty
Pour it on til mornin’
This shit’s over your head?
These shots just a warning


I’ll be cappin with lefts
The Captain reads me my rights
The chaplain reads you your rites
Your head splits from the fight
Two sides to your brain
Your left and your right
And there’s nothing right in your left brain
And nothing left in your right!!!

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