In 2018, Mark Gomes turned his attention to competitive battle rapping. With this endeavor, “Money Mark” hopes to illustrate that anything is possible with the proper education and dedication. He also aims to teach young artists and entrepreneurs that marketing and sales can be more important than having a product to sell.

In the rapidly-growing business of battle rap, content (battles) is the product — so Mark is focusing on the importance of presentation, public relations, branding, building an image, attracting a fan base / viewers, and obtaining  content distribution.

On June 30, Money Mark debuted at the “Barology 6” battle rap competition. There, he faced off against South Florida hip-hop artist & battle rap veteran, Jeffrey “HallowTip” Bennett.

The battle was well-received by the audience and has attracted thousands of views, most notably on YouTube.

You can see the battle by clicking here (warning: this content contains explicit material).

Money Mark’s lyrics and a comprehensive breakdown of how his verses were constructed can be found here.


A Special Thanks go out to Moses WashingtonBarology 6 was promoted via his entertainment venture, MoWash Productions.

Mr. Washington is a recognized pillar of his community and exemplifies the principles that Gomes espouses. A Miami native, Washington was diagnosed with Specific Learning Disability (SLD) early in life.

However, the challenges this created for his academic progression did not deter his determination in life. He persevered and gained acceptance to the University of Oklahoma (OU) and paid his way with full scholarship in Track and Field.

Washington also taught himself how to play the piano and soon after he began to write and compose music. He has since produced numerous theatrical production. He focuses on delivering uplifting messages within the context of controversial issues that are faced by inner city youths.

More information about Moses Washington can be found at

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