Money Mark vs. Dennis Legendary (Lyrics)

WATCH IT HERE!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_YQicqHS1Y   ROUND ONE – LEGEND  Main Stage Legend Main Stage Legend Caffeine Legend Fuck how he feel Cuz I’m Dreamchasing I give a nigga that Meek feel BOW!!   One shot to his mans He gonna die over the game Imma show him how Lil Snupe feel Legend Free the slaves [...]

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Money Mark vs. Adolph Jr.

MONEY MARK vs. ADOLPH JR.(Time is estimated & excludes crowd reactions / runbacks)ROUND ONE (MONEY)I was at your last battleAt this stage, I was around the way,paying for cookiesat the concession stand...while you were on stagegiving rounds away…And don’t think Imma let that concession standAnd all this happened in front of your sister, CheyenneNice Catholic [...]

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Money Mark vs. Chill Will !

The much-anticipated rap battle between Money Mark and Chill Will has finally been released on YouTube! Please check it out, Like/comment, and spread the word. As usual, I've published a glossary of some battle terms I used, along with my "script/lyrics" (below). Just be warned... battle rap is an uncensored art where worse is better. [...]

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